Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lockard 23, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. (Originally titled just Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, which I thought was better.)

    The trailer is very nice, of course (the song chosen fits the tone well) but ANOTHER Big Boss game? The series was always supposed to be about Solid Snake, not Big Boss. The more games they make with BB as the main character (this will be the fourth), the more inferior Snake looks in comparison. I know other than the Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land backstories, there's no real history to pull from for Snake to have another game unless they want to make a sequel that takes place AFTER MGS4 (which is a big no no) but I guess that's kind of why I wish Hideo Kojima would actually create something great and magnificent other than just MGS sequels for the rest of his life.

    Anyway, like with all MGS games, I'm sure the game will be fun but it's mainly the story I'm interested in. And it looks impressive enough, hopefully to the point where it can draw in some new fans. They've also went and got Keifer Sutherland to do the voice this time, which already has fans in an uproar. I don't mind though, as he is voicing Big Boss, not Solid Snake. If he had replaced David Hayter as the Solid Snake voice though, I'd say fuck them, too.

    Here's a video about Kiefer Sutherland doing the voice:

  2. No Metal Gear Solid fans, eh?
  3. No David Hayes! :sad:

  4. The biggest there ever was.

    Hayter*, and no. It's a damn shame.
    If done right, this could be the best game since MGS2. I'm not even looking for amazing game play mostly, I want a deep, complex story. The location is very important to me as well, a packed city will ruin the game for me. It has to be a discrete island or location for me to really get into the story. Alaska was perfect, it was a small island and it actually felt like a secret. Infiltrating a building in a big city which every citizen walks by is no infiltration mission.
    Oh, and they absolutely should not go over-the-top with the characters, real fist fights and suppressed weapons is what Metal Gear Solid is all about, no laser death cannons or death machines.
    I'll be devastated if they let the series down with this.
  5. A "Black Site" in Cuba sounds promising, but we'll see.
    Oh, and Revolver Ocelot. :win:
  6. I'm confused with how they are going to explain fire ghost Volgin (I assume it is Volgin) and the giant whale and unicorn. Volgin did show up in the E3 trailer afterall. Are they illussions made by psycho mantis or what are they?
  7. Mantis can't do that. Until now maybe, who knows.
  8. I'm a super huge fan of the Metal Gear Series, I still have the first Metal Gear game in perfect shape to play around with once again.What I wonder if this game is success, where does the story go from here?

  9. That's the thing, there's not many places for it to go anymore. The main story line that began on the MSX home console in Japan back in 1987 (before there was Metal Gear Solid, there was just Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in '87 and '90) that centered around Sold Snake as the main character concluded with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots in 2008. There is no way to continue the story after that except to see more of Raiden (Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance) or to do more prequels with Big Boss, such as Portable Ops, Peace Walker and now this. I'm not sure what else they could do after this, maybe a prequel with The Boss pre-MGS3?

    I don't mean to knock this game because it looks promising but I care more about the plot than the game play with these games (same is true of most fans) and I like the idea of the plot wrapping itself up instead of having to constantly keep up with new characters and events every time they release a new one. It's dragged out at this point.

    Hideo Kojima is obviously a great creative mind and can make his games feel genuinely like a film in many ways (as this trailer shows) and that's why I wish he would create something post-MGS to show his range. Before Metal Gear, there was Policenauts and Snatcher. You can see videos of both of them on Youtube, they too had quite an interesting story.
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  10. Now Solid Snake has brothers right, weren't they clones? I mean couldn't the Metal Gear Series going into the cloning etc?
  11. Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake were his cloned brothers, all cloned from Big Boss, known as the greatest solider that ever lived. Liquid got the dominant genes, Solid the recessive genes and Solidus was the perfect clone.

    Liquid and Solidus were villains and didn't really do anything interesting or deep in their past that they could really make a game out of.
  12. Currently still playing through MGS4. Can't wait for this one.
  13. The greatest day since November 5th '02 will soon been upon us. Who's pumped for this game? It's gonna be over 7 years since a full MGS game released by the time this comes out, I can't take it any more :why:
  14. You know they're making an MGS movie, and that they want Hugh Jackman to play Snake. So here's my question, who would you want to play the role? Personally, I'd go with Keanu Reeves.
  15. David Hayter.
  16. Hugh Jackman is perfect for the role. I've been saying for years that he would be the ideal choice to play Solid Snake, especially since Snake and Wolverine share a lot of similar personality traits, and Jackman has nailed down the role of Wolverine superbly. I have no issue with them going with a newcomer as planned though, assuming they still do an impressive job.
  17. I do like Jackman, but I think his presence wouldn't quite match that of Snake's. I don't know about you, but I don't want this to be an over the top action film. I want stealth to be a big factor in the movie and seeing Hugh trying to sneak around instead of going in guns blazing wouldn't seem right to me. This is mainly just what ifs right now though, seeing as they're wanting to go with someone newer like you said. That's a smart move on their part, if they wanted to make it into a franchise someone younger would be the best to fit the bill.
  18. I don't want it to become a generic over-the-top action flick either. Although I fear that's exactly what Hollywood will try and turn it into. It's just that Hugh Jackman stands out as a great choice to me because his voice, look, mannerisms, etc. would really match the character on-screen.

    That said, a younger and more anonymous actor would likely be the best choice since they could get more longevity out of him if it becomes a franchise, plus I usually find it easier to become more emotionally invested in characters if they're played by actors that I don't recognize (or at least recognize as much.)
  19. With it being by Sony and having Kojima being closely associated with it I have faith that it'll be much more than just your ordinary action flick. As for Hugh, I get what you're saying about him and I don't disagree with you. My main gripe with him is his bulking size. Snake isn't a small man by any means, I know that, but he doesn't look like the Terminator either and that's the feel I get from Hugh. That's why I suggested Keanu earlier in the thread, I feel like he'd be the best all around choice if they were to spring for a well known actor. Then again I had just watched John Wick not long before and I thought he did really well in it.
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  20. It won't. I forgot where I read it, but.. Kojima pretty much said "I wanted to be a film director, and MGS gives me that kind of platform." So, it will be the last thing he allows the MGS film to be, before he's paid.
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