Music Metal, of the Heavy Variety

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Black Wizard, May 12, 2016.

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    This topic is for anything and everythingMETAL.

    From traditional stuff like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, all the way to the frostbitten sounds of Burzum and Darkthrone, this is the place for any and all metal.

    Here's a video which is very handy for anyone who is not that familiar with metal, knows their way around a bit but is unsure about a few subgenres or how to classify a band, or anyone who just might be looking for something new to listen to. I meticulously went through every "genres and subgenres of metal" video on Youtube I could find, until I found in my opinion the very best one that portrays many subgenres of metal. As an added bonus, I even like all but two or three bands on this list.

    So have fun, and keep itMETAL.
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  2. I'm one of those "only old school metal" types. But I'm not the type to shit on people's taste. Well, unless you're over the age of 15 and listen to Limp Bizkit or some shit. lol

    Currently listening to Grave Miasma's new EP. Really nice stuff.
    Show Spoiler

    Favorite bands are Mercyful Fate and (70s era) Judas Priest.

  3. I love the old school too, it's all great. I feel like there's something in metal for everyone buried in all of the subgenres. And yeah that's me for the most part, people can listen to whatever they want to. I used to but I don't argue what music is better anymore, it's all subjective.

    Oh man Grave Miasma is awesome. I have their first two EPs and their first album, great stuff. I'll check the new EP out for sure. Also really into both Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate as well. Like King Diamond's solo stuff too, but I don't think he ever topped Melissa, which is just a fantastic album.
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  4. You and are going to get along well. Surprised someone here knows Grave Miasma or Mercyful Fate for that matter haha.
  5. I saw Grave Miasma with Dead Congregation a few years back. Both bands were incredible. Cool dudes too.

  6. And yeah, Mercyful Fate EP, Melissa and Don't Break The Oath are the greatest things ever.
  7. I stumbled upon Grave Miasma out of the blue, I was going from related video to related video on YouTube just looking for more music, and found the song This Tomb Is My Altar, and I was hooked from that song on. Found Mercyful Fate via Clerks 2, got into King Diamond because Welcome Home is in that movie and found Mercyful Fate from there.

    I've seen quite a few bands live, I haven't been to a show in about a year but the last one I went to was Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Tribulation and Aeon, which was incredible. I've seen Slayer live, thankfully before Jeff Hanneman passed away. I've seen Nile three times, always a great show and they're great guys too. Got to talk to Karl Sanders at two of those three shows, really genuine dude who is in it purely for the love of the music. Got to see Dimmu Borgir back when ICS Vortex and Mustis were still with the band too, I don't think they'll ever recapture their previous sound again.

    Speaking of Nile live, I love how Karl can play these evil sounding riffs, and just have this big smile on his face.

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  8. Been listening to a ton of Mastodon lately. Such a heavy band, have never seen them live but would really like to at some point.

  9. That is really damn good. I don't think I've ever heard of the band.
  10. Been listening to a lot of Black Sabbath lately. A lot of people laud Heaven and Hell as the best Dio era Sabbath album, but in all honesty my vote goes to Dehumanizer.

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  11. Teitanblood is great. Check out both their albums.
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  12. Really great stuff. Found the whole album in the related videos and listened to it while I had my coffee this morning. Those guys only released an EP and one full length? That's a bummer, would love to hear more from this band. Although I did find the band that two of the members are a part of, Inverloch. Sounds like the spiritual successor to diSEMBOWELMENT.

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  13. I actually haven't listened to the latest Inverloch album. Need to get on that!

  14. New album comes out in 3 days :emoji_grin:

    Yeah I just post black metal for the most part, lol.
  15. Didn't expect this too rule so much seeing the cover art and band name, haha. So gooooooood

  16. That was... not what I was expecting when I saw that video. Surprisingly good.
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  17. The closest I will ever get to metal is Killswitch Engaged

    And only when Howard Jones is the lead man.
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