Metallica By Request Tour/New Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 9, 2014.

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  1. For all the fuckers out there who listen to them, you know that the by request tour is coming up in March and every show we will have a new song from the album to be released supposingly later this year, there are few things I wanna get to in this, things I pointed out that the fans voted for on the 17 of 18 songs to be played on each set:

    -It sucks that nearly every set list is the same, Master of Puppets, Bell, Sandman, Fade, Matters, The Unforgiven to name a few, these are all hits constantly done and I wanna hear some rare shit.
    -Whiskey in The Jar from Garage Inc. is on like half the sets... I listened to it and didn't really like it, who else has thought on this?
    -St.Anger is gonna be played like 7 times, including Rock am Ring and Rock Im Park, in my opinion, I can't wait, this song caught onto me after Christmas and I wanna see how its gonna be nailed live.
    -Fucking Frayed Ends of Sanity is gonna be played in Helinski,Finland, Hopefully(Its near the bottom on the set and Creeping Death might knock it off), its the last song on Justice not to be played, anyone stoked for that?

    Now stuff on the new album:
    -I'm really curious on this... like what's it gonna be like, Death Magnetic was sick, production was a little off, but it was sick, is this new album coming out gonna be better, same as DM? Or is it gonna suck ass? I just hope it doesn't suck and hope maybe the songs could be a little shorter for whatever they are. What do the other metalheads think?

  2. Haven't cared for Metallica since The Black album. I liked one song off Death Magnetic but otherwise, meh. Don't approve of their Jewish (greedy) ways, pretty sickening tbh. There's better and younger bands keeping the old Heavy Metal flame alive, making music with passion and not for money.
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