Metropolitan Police drop probe into referee Mark Clattenburg due to lack of evidence

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Sky sports

    Suck it Chelsea.
  2. They probably lied.

    P P P P P Pricks.
  3. F*** you Chelsea! :finger:
    Trying to ruin a man's career all because he made an honest mistake, and the "fans" wonder why they are so hated.
  4. Ironically, this was more talked about than the Chelsea fan who was doing the monkey symol at Danny Welback. Scum.
  5. Exactly, so they get the police involved to investigate a ref who obviously didn't say anything but just because Chelsea are sore losers, but just ban a proven racist and that's it, nobody cared about the bloke who was actually racist, it's ridiculous.
  6. I'm a big fat gay

    Fair play to Chelsea, this is obviously a genuine attempt to kick racism out the game. It's great to see a big club taking time out from their rigorous schedule to try put an end to this vile behavior. I know they would not condone such despicable actions.
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  7. RE: I'm a big fat gay

    Pique lol :lol1:
  8. RE: I'm a big fat gay

    Lmao, ok fair enough I love you again. :yay:
  9. RE: I'm a big fat gay


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