Mexican Barbie dolls

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    A new “Mexico Barbie” doll has run into allegations that it reinforces negative stereotypes.

  2. Does it have super border hopping abilities?
  3. All dolls are based on some stereotype just like many toys do. I don't really understand that argument because if you're going to make it then it should be made for every race and not just this one.
  4. I have the Chinese one but her hair isn't down like that and it didn't come with a panda.

    I want my fucking panda.
  5. Go to the Toronto Zoo. We just got two in from China.
  6. Dolls teach younger girls to be a certain way to appeal to certain groups. If I had a daughter I would never buy her a Barbie or any kind of stereotypical doll. I would buy her books & kick her butt outside to explore the outdoors.
    People wonder why little girls have self esteem issues :facepalm:

    Barbie can be anything she wants, gets by on looks alone, has fancy clothing & expensive cars & only dates hansom men... :hmm:
  7. Barbie was modeled after me :true:
  8. I always noticed that black dildos are REALLY big.

    Not from personal experience of course.

  9. I know, but that exhibit isn't open until May 18th, so I still have to wait. I go every year, anyway, but this year will be the best year because of FUCKING PANDAS <3
  10. What area of the city are you from?
  11. I am actually in Mississauga.
  12. I wonder if you and @christian are neighbours :hmm:
  13. Well, his profile says Toronto, so I am going to assume no, lol.
  14. He's from Mississauga too, I'm in Etobicoke.
  15. Ha, well, we have all possibly crossed paths before, who knows.

    Did you go to the Raw house show in March by any chance?
  16. I'm not going to put Mississauga as my city because it's minor league. lol
    People will be like, where? Just like Christian who was from Kitchener. I fucking love that area btw.
  17. Finally a doll who can fight with The Rock's doll LOL
  18. :goatface: :nogusta:
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