Miami Heat winning streak

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. They have won 20 games in a row and are currently up 8 in Milwaukee going for 21.

    The all time record 33 games, held by the lakers in 71-72. The 'modern day record' (since the ABA/NBA merger) is 22 games held by the 07 Rockets.. Miami is going to be able to tie that record next time they take the floor assuming they hang on to win tonight, which is no guarantee.

    After tonight they are

    @ Tor (could be a sneaky game, ashley)
    @ Bos (A game they will win IMO)
    @ Cleveland
    vs Detroit
    vs Charlotte
    @ Orlando
    @ Chicago
    @ NO
    @ SA

    if they can get by Milwaukee, Toronot & Boston I think they will run the winning streak to 29 before that meeting with San Antonio, which would become one of the bigger NBA Regular season games in history.

    How far do you think they can stretch this winning streak?
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  2. Damn easy games expect Chicago (Not take it personal but its hard to beat miami)
    Maybe Cleveland ,....:maybe:
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  3. Chicago isn't a team that can beat Miami IMO. They don't have the scoring threats.. they have to rely on defense and rebounding and you need scorers to beat Miami.
  4. Chicago will beat Miami with brute force. The only downside of the Heat is they are pretty small. The Bulls have size and if they utilize it correctly that would be a team that can beat them. Rose should be back within the next week too. Not saying he is going to be a difference but it won't hurt
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  5. Chicago has never posed a threat to the Heat since the Big 3 joined forces. Remember the ECF the year Miami lost to Dallas in the finals? It was men against boys, and that Bulls team was better than they have now with less depth and no Rose/a gimpy Rose.

    Miami has plenty of big bodies down low. Bosh, Haslem, BIrdman, Anthony.. plus LB won't allow the Heat to be out-physicaled by an inferior team like Chicago. He and Wade are two of the best rebounders/defenders in the league for their position.

    Unless you get the best games of the season out of all 3 Deng, Noah & Boozer, is just isn't possible. And considering LBJ would be on Deng.. he isn't going off.
  6. [​IMG]


    Miami doesn't have a 7 footer on the squad, and bosh is the only 6-11 guy and plays better as a PF. Just saying man, that's the game i'm looking at.
    Boozer and Noah are pretty scrappy and I can see them out boarding em. Miami strength is their 2,3,4 and how they can interchange them throughout the game. They aren't very big and they are run and gun. I think Chi matches up well with them.

    SA might beat them also.

    Likely scenerio, they drop one we don't expect.
  7. Like I said watch out for the Toronto game.
  8. Yeah, gay has turned his season around since joining the raptors. I like them too.
  9. Toronto has some guys that can score. Gay & Lowry especially, but even Bargnani and Derozen to a lesser extent.
  10. Haven't paid attention to the regular season, but all I'm hearing is that Miami's unbeatable in a 7 game series, with a few "hey, OKC can beat them" shouts. Should we even bother watching the playoffs? I rarely watch and know they'll run right through the East
  11. I mean, i'd watch but I think we're all expecting the heat to beat everyone.
  12. Eastern Conf. Playoffs don't bother. Miami is going to the finals. WC playoffs will be amazing to watch though.

    Do I think anyone in the West can beat Miami? No. I think the best chances are 1.) SA 2.) Mem 3. LAC 4.) LAL 5. OKC

    OKC won't be the same in the playoffs without Harden. I think LAC take them out in the 2nd round, if not definitely SAS in the WCF... Spurs/Heat is what I want to see.. I'd take MIA in 7
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  13. Warriors for the win !
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  14. They're playing the bulls now, watching?
  15. Shit piss yea, that's my squad brother.

    I'm watching, Danny.
  16. It was a weird first half 0 3's? Not warrior like
  17. playing like absolute dog shit
  18. Yeah, it's the only game on, going to need GS to make a comeback to keep me up.
  19. it's over

    hard to watch at this point
  20. Yup, I passed out. Heat tomorrow at 1 if anyone is interested. It should be a nationally televised game.
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