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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Craveni97, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Who has the best Mic Skills in WWE?

    I'd say The Rock:

    Chris Jericho:

    And at last(my favorite) CM Punk: :pipebomb:


    Who you think is the best?
  2. Punk and Cena out of the full timers are the best speakers.

    From NXT I'd go with Bray Wyatt but I'd also like to see him cut one outside of the Wyatt gimmick.
  3. John Cena! <3
    Really does a good job of enticing the young demographic with his cheerful but serious promos.
  4. I prefer Punk, his pipebombs are simply amazing
  5. At the moment in WWE? Paul Heyman. Punk right after him, but even Punk said in an interview a short while back that Heyman was the best on the stick, not him.
  6. People are going to hate me for this, but the miz has exceptional mic skills.
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  7. Paul Heyman has to be the best on the mic today. He is gold when he's on the mic.
  8. In WWE, it's probably CM Punk, then John Cena. In TNA, it's probably Austin Aries or Bully Ray.
  9. john cina cuz he got dat sweg
  10. Two heel tag teams in TNA provide more quality mic work than the WWE roster as a whole.
  11. Heyman, Punk, Cena when serious and Jericho. Those are the four best full-timers I can think of. Shoutouts go to Roode, Aries, and even Miz, but those four are the best.
  12. Seeing as other people brought up TNA i am bringing up ROH=Kevin Steens mic skills>your fav wrestlers mic skills
  13. Yoshi Tatsu!

    Seriously though... Punk and Jericho are the standouts. Paul Heyman is very good on the stick.
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