Michael Bay wants to direct a horror movie?!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Would you watch a horror movie directed by Michael Bay? LOL
  2. He already made one. It was called Transformers.
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  3. He made one, it was Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The last reboot or whatever. It was pretty straight. Michael Bay is the fucking shit. Not everyone needs to be goddamn Fellini. Sometimes moves can be... fuck what's that word... FUN!
  4. You have a point in principle but a misguided one as it applies to Micheal Bay. Not everything dumb is fun. Sometimes dumb is just dumb.
  5. I really don't know how to react to it. I can see him abusing bombs somehow, possibly like an alien type of horror movie or zombies near a power plant. I know he's not the best director, but I prefer to judge after results.
  6. He needs to focus on not fucking up TMNT for the time being.
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  7. :@

    I fucking love Transformers.
  8. Go away Bay. And take your special effects with you.
  9. If he self-financed it? Yes, absolutely.

    If it was like any of the shit he has made lately? No. Im not interested in huge over the top fight scenes in a horror film.
  10. Me too. We should talk.
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  11. Leave my crush alone. Go bother Xanth.
  12. Well, he may have produced it. I never knew it was that one but I know he produced the Friday the 13th Reboot.

    But this is where he wants to direct it himself and finance it...himself.
  13. It'd be an interesting take. He's definitely good at disorienting the audience, which is key in horror films. Now I kinda wish he does it and I hated Transformers
  14. I actually didn't mind the 3rd Transformers movie, but, I wont forgive him for raping Soundwave, the greatest transformer known to man. That shit is fucking unforgivable. Part 2 was dick. Part 1 was ok the first watch. Don't think I could ever watch it again, though.
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  15. :yay: Soundwave was my favourite too!
  16. He's not completely bad, he's made some pretty good films before like the original Bad Boys, The Rock and Armageddon. Pain and Gain looks pretty good, too. A horror film could turn out interesting since it's something differentiating from the genre he usually works within.
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  17. John Malkovich was a brilliant ray of light in Dark of the Moon.

    And fuck what anyone says, Bad Boys 2 is the shit. I think he's a lot more self aware than anyone realizes. Bad Boys 2 intentionally takes all the classic cop action movie tropes and turns them up to 11. It's fun, like movies can be sometimes. I think Gone With The Wind will be playing on TCM this weekend. That may be up your guys' alley a little more.
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