Michael Cole Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone else feel sorry for this guy?

    To the best commentator and to the guy that never lost at Wrestlemania!!!!
  2. He's a boss. His interview with Cena was epic. I remember predicting that shit :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I think he's badass. Of course he needs to makeup on who's ass he is gonna kiss, but he speaks his mind whenever the fuck he wants.
  4. He's funny, but to call last night overkill would be the understatement of the century. I cringe thinking about where they will go with his character now. They should have kept him going down the path of A.) Not being involved with the product B.) Being more neutral and C.) Actually calling the matches

    Instead we get him slapping John Cena and being covered in BBQ sauce. no fuckin thank you
  5. Fuck him, he's horrible.
  6. He's not bad when playing it straight, shame he had to replace JR. He got the "2011 Worst Announcer of the Year" award for good reason though, that heel character was intolerable.

    But if Cole had pinned Cena as we all hoped, imagine the bragging that would have started.
  7. He was great last night. The interview went better than expected. Love the last part when he was on mic at the end lol and how he went to cover Cena.
  8. JR & King > Cole..

    Boy got rocked last night.
  9. I think he's a great heel. the only thing i didnt like about last night was seeing his bulge :upset:
  10. King was fucking god awful last night. Overkill Cole > Any version of current "King"
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  11. King is awful.
  12. Give me a reason.


    Finally. I liked this one.
  13. Cole does all the work. The only moves Lawler will ever notice are basic, and he'll just say "HE'S GOT HIM UP FOR AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!" Or he'll be like "WHAT A MOVE FROM THE TOP ROPE." Cole has to speak rapid fire moves because Lawler does NOTHING.
  14. Cole is mostly pointing out the obvious.. Non needed commentary. JR did that too, but he did it right. Cole is just.. Meh..
  15. Gladly.

    1) He's lost the passion he once had. This isn't Crayo bs, this is fact. He said it in an interview that he only announces for the pay day and doesn't enjoy announcing much at all.

    2) He is the worst announcer in WWE by a country mile. He constantly talks about stuff outsidfe of the match. People talk about Cole doing it, but watch last night, Cole said something like "Ohh he gets hit with the X" and King replies "You'll be eating one of those tonight against Cena HAHAAHAHH".

    3) His jokes... My Nan makes me laugh more when she goes on her racist rants.

    4) His hypocrisy. He calls my babe Vickie fat when his beer belly is the size of the penis Dolph's used on his picture of Randy Orton.

    5) He constantly has to wrestle.

    6) He's ugly.

    7) His voice.

    8) His hair.

    9) His facial expressions.
  16. Did it right? How can you say "Suplex" incorrectly?
  17. He plays his heel character well, but he's announcer, he's not supposed to be heavily involved the way he was last night, for example. I also thought they were going with making him neutral, but he was a heel on Raw. Not sure if the "lead" announcer should be a heel or anything.
  18. Lol you so funny.. :tough:

    Not the case, it's how you put emotion in it. Cole has his good moments, but his bad moments aswell. JR was always a commentary god, always did it right and at the best moment.


    Dude ain't ugly, has nice hair and his face expressions are pretty good.


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