Michael Cole is the HEEL commentator right?

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  1. So why in the hell does he still hate on DB? Why does he constantly drool over Cena/Orton/and now Sheamus?

    He needs to be consistent or gtfo
  2. He's a nerd...
  3. [​IMG]

    They don't seem to know what to do with Cole. He should be a manager imo over on Smackdown. Put the heat he draws to good use.
  4. Yea he would be much better as a manager.. him burying the roster on commentary is neither helpful nor entertaining
  5. He's not much of a heel now as he was before.
  6. Michael Cole = Vince McMahon '12

    I think whoever Cole is high on, Vince is high on

    Whomever Cole buries, Vince probably isn't too fond of
  7. I personally think they should make him the manager of Drew Mcintyre or something.
  8. Agreed. He crosses the line too often on commentary.
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  9. It's for realism. It's well documented that Cole hates on Bryan. Now he says things like "He's a nerd but I'm impressed on how he done this" and "He's just sticking up for AJ! Of course he loves her" he's doing a bit of both. I think it's good they're finally not undermining the crowds intelligence. Suddenly Bryan goes heel and Cole adores him? Just do it slowly and eventually you'll see Cole a big fan of Bryans.

    I absolutely love SmackDown commentary so I have nothing to complain about. I have heard reports though that Cole basically says what Vince tells him too on RAW.
  10. He's sort of softened his stance in Bryan, but my bigger complaint is him praising Cena/Orton/Sheamus all the time. Can you imagine King during the attitude era slurping Stone Cold all the time? Hell no, it wouldn't happen
  11. I agree, they're Vince's pride and joy. There's super-heels, heels, faces & super-faces. The super-heels he sort of ditches his character as the heel announcer and sells how bad this superstar is, take Nexus for example. HE hardly praised them once as what they done was so "bad". Now super-faces, he just sells them as what they are, the biggest faces of the company, the guys who'll be pushed to the moon constantly and never out the main-event. Now we've known for some years now that Cena & Orton are the top dogs, Vince's men. Now Sheamus is added to that list because he and HHH often kiss whilst lifting weights on tour with each-other.

    So to summarize, you won't see any of those three getting stick from Cole. Makes me sick too. It wouldn't surprise me if the reason they don't is because Cole is too good for King for example to retaliate. I mean you'd see Cole say "Cena is boring, he's hated for god sake he's a loner" what would King reply? "Oh shut up Cole" yeah, nice one King.
  12. No, But I do recall King loving everything Austin did in 96-97

    I watch YouTube old school Austin all the time and King mad marked for him

    I can't speak for the AE b/c it sucked

    Rage filled Austin >>>> Anything and anyone since then (including AE Austin)
  13. Well yea he was a heel at that point. You won't catch King drinking his kool aid any time after the Austin/Hart double switch
  14. Yeah, its your standard bait and switch.

    I had no problem with it, cause frankly, Austin lost his edge after Bret

    Screw Everyone >>>> Cater to fans
  15. Michael Cole is just awful, and I don't see how the talent burying on commentary can be good for the business. It's just the way he puts himself over, which is totally unnecessary.
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  16. This is why he needs to become a manager. However, I like his commentary and think he's a great heel. That's just me, though.
  17. He has no one to bounce off. Cole says "This guy is just a nerd" King replies with "Oh shut up Cole" He doesn't help any of the talent by having no come-backs for Cole. Cole is a good heel commentator in my opinion if used right, on SmackDown he's pure gold. Replace King!
  18. Many people are complaining about how bad this craphole is as a commentator.

    I also thought during Smackdown that Cole is now gonna protect DB since he's Heel, but it seems like he can't handle his job well.

    Also on a Raw taping i don't remember when but he said and i quote "Who writes your stuff?" to Lawler I don't know if that's okay to say but it really seemed a bit out of characterly to talk about creative backstage work during Raw which is live on TV. I mean we all know that they get scripts and stuff but why would they want Cole to say "Who writes your stuff" ?
  19. It's a shame no one actually understands why Cole is doing what he's doing...
  20. Simmer down Crayo it's not like the concept of a heel announcer is over our heads. we get what you are saying about Lawler being pathetic, obviously no one will dispute that. It's why Josh Matthews should be on Raw, not Lawler. He at least makes a point to bring up counter points to Cole's BS or mention a wrestlers achievements, or what have you.

    My biggest hang up is Cole putting over top faces. It shouldn't happen, period. They don't need it either. Cole couldn't bury Cena or Orton in the casual fans eyes no matter what he said, so what's the point?