Michael cole & jerry king lawler "disrespect" for CM Punk (before live RAW)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Feb 11, 2014.

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  2. :lol1: Pretty funny. Punk didn't leave though.
  4. Disrespected? You mean after he walked out on the company that's made him as popular as he is today?Now that is disrespectful......if you think the WWE owe him and not the other way around ....you are a complete knob
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  5. How is that disrespectful from Punk? What are you even talking about?

    Pretty interesting insight to the mindset of WWE employees when someone like Punk gets this sort of attention for leaving. You can tell they're not happy.
  6. "Go away" is exactly how I feel about Jerry Lawler as a commentator.
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  7. Not disrespectful at all really. They are free to say what they want like all the rest of us.
  8. Apparently not sure if its true or not but during one of the many breaks when the crowd was chanting for punk srth rollins grabbed a mic and shouted cm who?
  9. interesting....but oh well. hopefully it's still a work.
  10. I hope its not a work and he really left the company.
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  11. I saw that. It was during the ambrose match.

    Rollins grabbed a mic and went "CM WHO!? That's Dean Ambrose right there people, the man everyone wants to be and every woman in here wants to be with" or something like that.

    Ultimate wingman.
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  12. I hope you're wrong and it is a work. :jericho:
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  13. I dig it. You have ur opinion even if it is wrong.
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  14. Although opinions vary and this is America, freedom of speech....you're entitled to be wrong. :dawg:
  15. And I usually am!
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  16. That is fucking wrong they should show some damn respect to the best in the world CM Punk
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  17. How.... is that... disrespect?
  18. No they shouldn't. He waltzed out and potentially left the company in a heap of shit (as far as storylines), he was unprofessional.
  19. Wouldn't really call that disrespectful
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