Michael Cole: Jerry Lawler “in great spirits”

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  1. Michael Cole: Jerry Lawler “in great spirits”


    On Wednesday evening, Michael Cole spoke with Jerry Lawler for the first time since the WWE Hall of Fame announcer’s heart attack during Monday Night Raw. In an interview with WWE.com, Cole recounts the incident, describes what it was like to talk with his friend once again and delivers a message from “The King” to the WWE Universe.

    WWE.COM: Michael, on Wednesday evening you revealed on Twitter that you spoke to Jerry Lawler over the phone. How did that conversation come about?

    MICHAEL COLE: I had just gotten home to Texas after what had been a whirlwind two days dealing with this situation. I actually got a phone call from Jerry’s girlfriend, who’s in the hospital with him. And she said “Michael, I’ve got somebody who wants to talk to you.” She handed over the phone and it’s “The King”!

    We immediately had a couple of laughs. He’s weak, but he’s alert. He talked coherently and he’s not completely out of the woods yet and he’s got a long recovery process to come, but he’s awake. Jerry’s in a lot of pain — he said he feels like he’s been through a 60-Minute Iron Man Match, but he’s in great spirits.

    The biggest thing Jerry wanted me to do was to let the millions and millions of fans out there that have been tweeting their well wishes to me, WWE and to his account, that the outpouring of support from around the world has really, really touched him. He broke down a little bit and was very emotional in talking about the love of the WWE fans, thanking the company for its support and he had very kind words for the people that helped to save his life: to Dr. Sampson, to [WWE production assistant] Mike Mansury, who was at ringside, to the EMTs in Montreal. Obviously, he doesn’t remember what happened, but he’d been told over the past 24 hours everything that went down, and it’s a miracle. The man had a massive heart attack and he was talking two days later. I never thought I’d hear his voice again, let alone two days after the event.

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  2. Glad to hear he's ok!!
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