Michael Cole - Love him or hate him?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm a huge Cole miner, but I do accept he goes too far with things sometimes. But I put the blame to his sometimes OTT commentating to King, as he has literally no one to work off, since King is do god damn boring and bland on commentary.

    Cole sometimes is epic, I think he done thoroughly well in Lesnar's return with a nice quote. When he has a filter in Josh Matthews and Booker T, he's amazing, just watch SmackDown (I know, it's a hard task watching SmackDown).

    So yeah, are you a lover or a hater? Vote in the poll and reply please :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. I like him, makes sd watchable
  3. Neither. I used to love him, but now I just sort of tolerate him. He is funny at times, but awful at others.
  4. Like Dolph I tend to just tolerate Cole. When he is good (like Lesnars return) he is really good. Otherwise he is just bland until he starts bashing a face which is when he turns awful. :cole:
  5. He was pretty good for Brock's return, I'll give him that.

    Doesn't make up for how many big moments he has ruined with his awful commentary though. See: Christian winning the WHC at Extreme Rules last year.
  6. Oh yeah he totally ruined that. Not to mention his Michael Cole challenges....
  7. Challenges = booking.

    He is so much better when he feeds off someone though. Matthews I think is grossly underrated on commentary. I think Cole & Stanford would be insanely good.
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