News Michael Cole Reportedly Meeting With Chael Sonnen Very Soon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Would be pretty cool to have him in WWE.
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  3. I'd be cool with it for sure.. I saw Byron Saxton on RAW when I started watching again and I was like what the hell?
  4. Having Sonnen on board would be pretty great.
  5. Is this real life?

    I'd be so down with Chael in WWE, i'm only jacked for GFW BECAUSE of Chael being named alongside it. Wow. Wow.
  6. He should stay in GFW.. Last thing they need is Chael Sonnen in WWE, would he be a commentator? All i know about the guy is he's not a wrestler.
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  7. He was on Fox doing the UFC analysis, since he's an MMA fighter. He's also incredibly good at the analysis.

    He did wrestling in NCAA in his younger days. So yeah, he did wrestling, just not sports entertaining.
  8. And what would be so special about having him in WWE?
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  9. He would be excellent on commentary and/or ppv panels, what with the analysis skills he has.
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  10. I always liked the guy, but I haven't seen much of him, would love him to replace Saxon on commentary.
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  11. He is incredibly charismatic with the easy sell of being a legit fighter. You can either have him as a commentator or ideally a manager. Wait, imagine Heyman vs Chael on the mic.
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  12. Sonnen is one of those easy sells into wrestling. Legitimate top athlete within his sport (MMA) and gifted with the ability to talk like no one's business. He was UFC's Roddy Piper. While a perfectly good fighter it was almost more fun to watch him verbally pillage his opponents before and after fights.

    Get him in as a manager or commentator.
  13. Do some research, he is a championship wrestler the likes of Ziggler and Lesnar and then some. He has backgrounds in PLENTY of shit and is the best mouthpiece you would see on WWE today IMMEDIATELY.
  14. He would instantly be the best promo guy in the company lol

    put on his shit talking reels, the dude is legend

    + legit MMA background. He has a future as a pro wrestler if he wanted to commit to it. Sadly he likely won't be an in ring performer
  15. I actually think he would do much better as a wrestler then as a mma fighter
  16. They have enough mouthpieces. They don't need some MMA reject... He's working with GFW and that's where he should stay.. WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world. It's not for people like Chael Sonnen.
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  17. You said yourself that you don't know anything about him, so what are you basing this on exactly?
  18. A reliable emergency google search for confirmation bias.
  19. It would be ideal to have Vince come down during an Authority segment, and talk about how he's sick of how they're running HIS company. This leads to him introducing Chael as their replacement as the 'General Manager'. Chael playing the fair authority figure, who sometimes has to put people in their place would be perfect.
  20. Maybe he's just getting advice from Cole, I can't see him jumping ship from GFW this soon.

    Either way, if he's that good, I'd immediately want him on WWE TV as long as Vince doesn't feed him bullshit to say like he does with Cole and Byron, they're good commentators if given the chance to commentate on their own (Beast in the East).
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