Michael Cole was amazing this week

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sackfist, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. On Commentary Cole was good, balanced, entertaining with guests, WWE should look into this, when Lawler retires and Josh moves out of his parents house, Cole could commentate on his own. I hope to see more Cole Commentary nights

  2. Did you see the part with the PTP? That was hilarious.
  3. It was nice, yeah. But I wouldn't like to see Cole announcing on his own every week.
  4. No not every week, but I would like to see it on occasions, he works well on his own, starting to see why Crayo hates Jerry and is a coleminer, too bad the username was taken
  5. It also gives the chance to have Talent come down in assist in commentating and continue feuds.
  6. Once in a while it'd be ok.
  7. Am i the only person who rarely notices that the commentators are even talking
  8. Cole's good. I thought he did an admirable job during Smackdown last night.

    He still needs a foil. As I said on another thread (the Regal dedicated one in General), it would be absolute gold to hear Cole and Regal play off of each other as a commentary team now that Booker's GM.

  9. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be when I realized he was gonna announce on his own. Cole is great at his job, but sometimes you kinda need two announcers to play off of each other.

    I miss Striker...
  10. I hate Michael Cole. every week, no matter what brand he is (so-called) "commentating" on.
  11. I think this proves Striker won't be on SD anytime soon, if they refused to put him there to cover for Josh.
  12. Cole NEED to turn into a face again he was great as a face he FUCKIN SUCK as a heel! And then turn King Heel as King is EPIC as one! And get Good old JR back!
  13. Cole is an amazing commentator, end of. JR even said his favourite commentator partnership of all time was Cole and Taz.
  14. And everyone knows you cannot disapprove JR. I love JR. Cole is good, can sometimes be a little annoying but that's what the WWE want.
  15. Dude cole as a heel b/c he try to hard fuck up! When he was face he was being himself hell he was better then JR when he was a face! But he suck now!
  16. Cole's heel character is very watered down right now, but personally I never found him annoying at all.
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