Michael Elgin : I think I've over rated him.

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Now I'm a huge fan of Elgin's but I'm starting to think I've overcooked my hype on him and now I've began looking too critically at his flaws, he has no idea what to do in between moves it seems. It's like he's reading from a script it's almost robotic, when things click he's magic but that seems to be very rare bar his work with Davey IMO. Thoughts?

    He can be entertaining but the story telling is lost on him.
  2. He definitely doesn't know how to tell a story in the ring. He is technically sound but he doesn't know how to spice up his matches with movement, like a certain way to walk and carry himself. I credit this to lacking a character. Elgin has made a name for himself as a power house and just that, there is nothing added on to it. That works on the smaller stages but as he ascended the indy scene it was going to be made clearer to see I guess. With Truth there with him it wasn't as noticeable since Truth is a really good manager and can cover up such weaknesses with his own antics.

    Elgin needs a manager methinks to be really big, or develop a character to work his ring work into...and cut his hair.
  3. I'm fine with the guy. I don't watch his ROH work, but his work elsewhere on the indies is stellar.

    The ROH match vs. Davey was 5 star worthy UNTIL Davey fucked it up almost completely and cut the match down to 3.5 stars.

    Storytelling of his is arguable, but I think it's more of a hate for some people on the internite (not you seabs lol), than the actual truth.
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  4. Elgin is good, but not face of the company good. He is kind of like a bigger, less talented Benoit. All of his moves are hard hitting and look realistic, but he just doesn't ooze charisma. Hopefully he can work on that and improve himself in the future.
  5. I'm the king of random hate lol, still I like the guy but I actually saw him as Steen's replacement in the near future. Think I called him Steen Jr at one point, I got excited :downer: I think it was like Stop said him having a dope manager.
    Yeah he is still only young i think like early 20s so he can improve madly.
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