Michael Hayes back at Raw after suspension

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. Michael Hayes returned to his job role at Raw last night after his suspension
    Return of the free bird
    According to a WWE statement issued to PWInsider.com a few weeks back, Hayes was back working for WWE at last night's Raw taping in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    Hayes is now back full-time with the Creative team.
    Source: PWInsider
    ^^^ Well I hope he stays well away from Rosa from that stupid act that got him suspended from offering her drinks after she just got out of rehab
  2. Not to defend Hayes but she can say NO!
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  3. Hayes comes off as such a fuckhead, like for real bro.
    Rosa could have said no, but, Hayes could've not offered to begin with
  4. True Hoff but my point is she's a grown woman with a problem she has to be mature enough to say no. There are always gonna be situations in her life like that where ppl will offer her or she comes into contact with alcohol.
  5. I get what you're sayin, but it's a two way thing ya know bro? I get it, she shoulda had the willpower to say no, but Hayes doesn't need to be such a creeper
  6. I agree was just giving Hayes a bit of slack pointing out the double edged sword to the OP
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  7. I fully expect him to eventually creep on some other Diva in the near future, or make some racial slur. Hayes gonna be Hayes
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  8. Theres thousands like him in the world as well.
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  9. She needs Samoa Joe's help.
  10. I had honestly completely forgottten about Hayes. Michael who?
  11. Micheal Jackson. Heehee
  12. Michael "Whacko Jacko" Jackson vs Michael "creepin freebird" Hayes. Bro in a cell
  13. the freebird was suspended for being courtesy to someone who got in trouble for drinking? Bullshit, there is no way that's the real reason he was suspended.
  14. The guy was probably a friggin creeper about the whole thing. Just look at the guy. C'mon bro
  15. Hayes was probably putting on the pressure for her to accept the drinks he is the wrong
  16. keep your clothes on, always.
  17. Well, unless you're Michael Hayes of course, bro.
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