Michael McGillicuty

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else annoyed that he's a face now? He's dull as a face, whereas as a heel he really impresses me. I once said he should have a beer-drinking badass heel gimmick, as he sort of reminded me as a worse -- but still entertaining -- Bobby Roode type character.

    I know it's NXT and their gimmicks there don't reflect what they will be like on the main shows, but does anyone else have their fingers crossed that he'll debut as a heel?

    Note: I haven't watched the recent NXT episodes as I forgot (they're usually posted here) so I'm unsure if he's actually a face, I just know he was in a tag-team match against The Wyatt Family and was acting as one.
  2. He should definitely be a repackaged heel if/when he gets back to the main roster. As I've said before they need to ditch that stupid name and let him be Joe Hennig. If you haven't done so check out my thread about the way I would book him.
  3. Can you link me to it? I can't find it in the Be The Booker section :notamused:.
  4. That's because its not there :lol1:

  5. It is now! :otunga:
  6. He's still teaming with Bo Dallas, and still a face. Figured you guys were watching it on TV over there.

    Turning the guy face was ludicrous, he was getting heat and this is just a round peg in a square hole.

    There was one match, forgot who it was against, where he seemed to cover up his greenness in the ring by yelling and showing more character, like a Bully Ray. That seems to be the way to go with the guy.
  7. Noticed it. Not really happy, he plays the heel a lot better, that's true. But I don't really have high hopes for him to debut as a heel, he's been working house shows as a face since early 2012 at least.
  8. I really wish and pray everyday just for watching him debut as a heel, my feeling when I watch him as a face is "turn off TV, NOW!!", hate that!! With u Crayo
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