Michael Schumacher Skiing Accident

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  1. Seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher remains in a critical condition after a ski accident and is fighting for his life", doctors say.
    The doctors say that if he hadn't been wearing a helmet he would have been killed.
    He has had one operation on his brain to stop blood clotting.
    Still in a critical condition and in a coma.
    Thinking of his family at this difficult time.
  2. Always liked watching him in F1, sucks to hear this news!
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  3. Thats grim not watched F1 since his first retirement as him and a few others were all that interested me plus it was a lot more driver ability back then over team tactics.
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  4. He's up and out of the hospital after six months says his manager
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  5. Great news that he came around and that he can carry on with his rehabilitation at home with his family by his side
  6. Given how bad the situation seemed at times this is very surprising but fantastic news.
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