Michelle McCool?

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  1. Do you miss Michelle McCool former womens champion. Sad she had to leave because she lost her match. SHE SHOULD RETURN!
  2. She doesn't got time to return, to be honest. She has a baby now, I don't think it would be smart of her to be active in the WWE while she has a kid. She is accepting her role as a full time mother now. She's no longer a wrestler.
  3. I enjoyed her, but she chose to retire.
  4. Enjoyed her stint, but motherhood is more important. :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Lay Cool was dope
  6. Busy raising the spawn of the Phenom.
  7. Taker is going to be like 70 years old at his kids graduation
  8. I'd kill to see him roll in to the graduation ceremony in a wheel chair followed by the druids.

  9. "Uncle Kane couldn't make it tonight... sorry'
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  10. Uncle Kane then bursts through the stage and tombstones the principal.
  11. Illegitimate son storyline with Taker and Michelle Mcool? :russo:
  12. They b married.
  13. I don't think she's done with WWE yet. I could definitely see her make a return in the future.
  14. She was pretty awesome. Very good in the ring and very nice to look at :gusta:

  15. Not in kayfabe
  16. She was one of my favorite Divas.. But like everyone said, She is a mommy now. Family is more important. Plus, she really don't need the money. lol
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