Mick Foley Completely Retired

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 20, 2013.

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    I'm glad in a way. Yes, Mick can be used pretty well, but the guy is in no shape to wrestle. They teased him a couple times with Ambrose and Punk, but I'm glad. He would be a great GM, manager, or other on-screen character though. I'm sure he can still take a beat down.
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  2. he done it all. but he been a comerior already i don't see the need to have him be a gm.
  3. He'd be such an entertaining comish, especially of they stuck with him for a few years.
  4. TLC 2012 was in Foley's hometown, wasn't it? I remember people thinking that Foley and Punk were gonna clash there. The fact that the original Survivor Series idea (as announced on TV) was Team Punk vs Team Foley in a traditional elimination tag team match seemed like a setup for that.

    Anyway, yeah, Foley had his career. He can use the rest after the damage he's been through.
  5. What was Foley's last match??
  6. No better way to go than by kinda-sorta-name-dropping the guy who won't go away. Other than maybe "I'm retired, woo!"

    Congrats, Mick. Shame you can't put Ambrose over before you go, but hell. If anyone's put over enough people and made enough stars to earn a reprieve from us not bitching about that, it's you. Have a nice rest of your career man.
  7. He is a great GM on Saturday Morning Slam as well :emoji_grin:

    Well deserved rest for the hardcore legend.
  8. I think he'd be great for segments like his and Punk, where he was the returning legend trying to give someone some advice who wouldn't take it. Imagine a segment like that between him and Ambrose.
  9. I'd prefer him and Callihan since there are more similarities. Ambrose is more of a Pillman than he is a Foley.
  10. Glad he's keeping his retirement will. Completely agreed with you cray, he's a damn baby face, I would use it as a manager of an uncoming talent. He's great at SMS. ( for those who watch that)
  11. That has literally no effect on anything though. Regardless of who he is like, Foley/Ambrose have a LOT of similarities and a promo between those two would be gold. Ambrose looks far more intimidating than Calihan too to be honest.
  12. He's great on SMS, i find him funny. Too bad he wasnt on SMS when the show was taped in November but even the kids in the arena didnt seem into it. they used it as a excuse for food/merch break.
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  13. Well, it was a great career, for sure. He can indeed use the rest.
  14. I don't believe it. He's a lot like his mentor Terry Funk. He's had 3 or so retirement matches already, I don't doubt that there will be more.
  15. I think he's in too bad shape to have any match, and he knows that.
  16. Thought you were Baraa at first. But yeah, it's good he's retired.
  17. He said he was done, he hasn't said he's retired, you said it too Crayo he's in a really bad shape but even Jerry "The King" Lawler was in a bad shape and competed for the WWE title with The Miz in 2011, so everything's possible if he stays in WWE
  18. Like you said GREAT GM or other non wrestler character but he is a bit past his sell by date to be in the ring action.
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