Mick Foley new reality show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Mar 31, 2016.

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  1. Mick Foley and his family will be featured in WWE networks new reality show Holy Foley. It will include his Daughter trying to become a Diva and his son as a WWE writer.

    I'm interested in seeing this. Sounds like it'll be sort of like Hogan knows best, but with more wrestling included. Plus Noelle Foley is bangin.

    Wrestling Icon Mick Foley Lands Family Reality Series on WWE Network – TheWrap
  2. Aw man I was expecting Foley to just run around and destroy shit
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  3. Will it just be Mick threatening to stop watching Raw?
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  4. I'll always be a Foley fan so I'll probably catch some of this.
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    Trying to become a diva and/or writer? Lol

    If they hired Eddie and Vickie's useless daughter, surely they'll sign Foley's kids if they haven't already.

    Lol As if 2nd or 3rd generation stars really have trouble getting looks from this company.
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  6. I may catch the show when I'm extremely bored, because of Noelle. :rollins3:
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  7. Hyped for Mick trying to get up out of bed in the morning with his fucked up back and hips.

    Really, he's a loveable old doofus of a man and this show will surely contain a few interesting stories
  8. Tell me when there's a Heyman show.
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  9. Was hoping this was another April Fools thread... :okay:
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