News Mick Foley offered Legends contract.. has second thoughts..

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Just Kevin, Apr 18, 2014.

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  1. Mick Foley was interviewed today on “The Drive with Marc James” on CBS Radio 610 "The Fan" (WFNZ) out of Charlotte, North Carolina to promote his appearance in Charlotte later on tonight.

    The topic of a WWE deal however came up and Foley said this:

    "Honestly, I’m probably not going to sign my Legends Deal with WWE because I don’t think they did the right thing by the guys with the video game. The check was a little low. Last year, there was a bankruptcy, but this year there wasn’t. So, I don’t see the upside to signing the legends deal when the carrot isn’t there dangling. So, I’m not going to sign my Legend’s deal.”

    Mick goes on to talk about John Cena turning heel, Brock Lesnar & more.

    Audio of interview here:

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    Since when does this cat care about cheddar? I didn't see him counting the zeros when Undertaker high-fived him off the cage unto the picnic table. This isn't how you roll, Mick, I'm not buying it.
    Let me translate: I'm a p***y. It hurt my feelings to see CM Punk walk. I shed a tear because I'm a walking piece of trash and not nearly the star HHH wants me to be. P.S Steph laughs at me when I try to make jokes.

    Go away Michael Francis. Don't be delusional, Steph doesn't give a sh** about Be A Star. You're a piece of garbage
  3. Mick is becoming more annoying than Bret Hart. First his constant mark-speak bullshit concerning DB (unless that was some work to try and drum up support for "DB The underdog"). Now doing some money grab power play over a legends contract?

    I respect the dude but unless he wants to come back and put DZ over in a hardcore match or something... stfu already
  4. Not trying to hop on the bandwagon above, but I've found Foley annoying lately. Also his son.

    HHH > Foley
  5. It's pretty obvious that I am a fan of Mick Foley..... so here is what I have to say about this..

    For Mick to be, basically, giving up his association with WWE something had to happen behind the scenes somewhere... I know there was the thing this past Christmas where WWE canceled his appearance on RAW Christmas because they didn't want "too many Santas" on the show even though they invited him and he was in full costume backstage waiting. He was upset about that. I know he has had strong stances on, both, the CM Punk situation and Daniel Bryan... but those have nothing to do with this. I don't even think the low amount of money offered for a video game appearance has anything to do with this... I believe he was wronged by somebody somehow... Mick loves wrestling and the WWE and he would not just walk away from them because of a money disagreement. He is one of the few people who have told it and will continue to tell it like it is when it comes to the WWE.. I think he got flack for that and that's why he is not re-signing.

    Maybe one day down the road when he writes another book he will reveal his reasoning... but I'll just say I will miss seeing Mick on TV at the WWE events.

    Foley Is Still Good, no matter what the fuck anyone says!
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  6. Yeah, him not signing because the videogame check wasn't much doesn't sound right.
  7. Mick is awesome standing up against WWE he dont need a legends contract
  8. Yea Foley being whiny and not signing a contract is really sticking it to WWE. They'll think twice before crossing him again!
  9. Mick was the first wrestler to make a impact on me as a teen but his current bitchy self is making me lose respect for him.
  10. Some money is better than no money, surely?
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  11. Mick Foley a bitch....:boss:
  12. I think for the most part, he's just being fair and realizing that it probably wouldn't feel right to take a check from WWE and prosper from them financially when he's been such a staunch critic of their booking lately, especially if he also feels they're not doing right by guys when it comes to the video game royalties on top of it.

    Also, what is he referring to when he talks about there being a bankruptcy last year? He surely can't be talking about himself considering all the dough this guy made from being both a wrestler and a best-selling author. He was even listed on the Top Ten Richest Wrestlers In The World just earlier this year for having around $15 million in the bank.
  13. The video game company that made last year's WWE game went bankrupt, THQ or something like that, that's why a different developer has it from now on.
  14. As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley revealed that he is not particularly interested in signing the Legends' contract that WWE has offered him. He posted another blog entry on Facebook explaining why he doesn't want to sign:

    "To deal..or not to deal - that is the question. As some of you may have heard, at this point, I am opting not to sign my Legends Marketing Deal, which gives ‪#‎WWE‬ the right to market my likeness on video games and action figures. I'll be writing in more detail about this in the next week or so, but it would be fair to say that, despite strong sales, I have found the payoffs for the past two video games to be extremely weak - in the 25% range of what most talent was expecting.

    Last year, the explanation had something to do with the video game company going bankrupt - a real shame for me, since I was heavily featured as three characters from the "Attitude" era, complete with voice work. I haven't heard this year's explanation yet, but, personally. I think the #WWE just wants to see if the talent will accept a far lower percentage than had previously been given. If so, it would proably be a good business move for #WWE, since very few current wrestlers are going to jeapordize their standing with the company by offering resistance - and most legends will probably come to feel like anything they get from merchandise is better than nothing.

    As for me: until I hear a valid reason, I'm opting out."

  15. Ah. Forgot all about that. Kind of feel like an idiot now for thinking Foley actually might have had financial troubles.
  16. Thanks for long winding your point and allowing me to take your point less seriously. Would you care to not try and pretend that you sound really interesting and write it like most others would.
    Some can because they're good at it, you're just cringeworthy when you do it.

    On to Foley.... Shame his deals ending, I think he goes around making his points the wrong way, though I understand his passion towards the situation. He's got good money already and a high profile in the bookselling market, he'll be fine without it, he could even go to ROH/NJPW if he really wants to keep being active (In a non-wrestler role of course). being a manager for upcomers like Adam Cole would certainly spark some interest.
  17. WWE and Foley have had issues on and off for years. Nothing new really I have a lot if respect for the guy for everything he did putting his body on the line for my entertainment. His love for wrestling is what causes him to speak his mind so I'm still cool.
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  18. No
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