Mick Foley Reacts to CM Punk Leaving WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lady Deathbane, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. Thought this was an interesting little tidbit to check out. I still have no idea what's going on WWE lately nor have I checked out the thread "Do you support Punk for leaving, or is he a baby?", so I can't really put two cents in.

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  2. Nice share, love mick.
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  3. Foley's right. However, I don't think Punk exactly wants to give the people what they want.
  4. The sky SHOULD have been the limit - WM vs taker, longest reign in the last 25 years, slotted to be the one who ends the authority angle at WM, what the fuck more does he want? Batista has the ME written into his contract, does Daniel Bryan deserve it? Or does CM Punk think he does? Sure, Ryback and Axel were wastes of time, but that was the Heyman angle and you really couldnt sell him going over Brock to get to Heyman, anyone who thinks that would make sense is a closet mark or needs to get their head checked.
  5. I always love to hear Foley's opinion on what's going on in the business, even when I disagree with him. This time, I happen to agree with him.

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  6. There's some contradicting things that are being reported about Punk's whole walkout. On one hand, he's supposedly upset that Batista can come right in and win the Rumble and the title after being gone for four years when he felt this should have been Daniel Bryan's year to shine and have his big moment. On the other hand, Punk's apparently upset that HE isn't the one getting the main event of the show. It's clear we still don't know the full story yet.

    I'm still giving thought that this is either a work or that there's still time to get Punk back on board before Wrestlemania. Raw on March 3rd is scheduled to be in Illinois, which happens to be Punk's home state, so if there's any chance that Punk returns while there's still time to properly hype up a match with HHH, that'd be the ideal place to do it. That would still leave twelve shows (counting both Raw and Smackdown) before Wrestlemania.
  7. awesome video. Mick is spot on.
  8. I heard that Punk is still advertised for that RAW in Chicago which makes sense because he can't not be there. I think any WrestleMania match for Punk is definitely off, with Bryan taking his spot, as seen by Kane attacking him on RAW, so it will probably be a one-off appearance to appease the crowd. Hoping he returns on the RAW after Extreme Rules, where Bryan wins the title, as a heel and challenges him for Payback.
  9. always love hearing what ol catus jack has to say about anything really. BANG BANG
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