Mick Foley says WWE is sending mixed messagues about Eve.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Do you agree or disagree and why?
  2. Mick is just a nice guy! And just does not think u should be calling people that! I think that some time Mick forget it just a storyline.
  3. This is the biggest flaw with the be a star campaign. No matter how much you water it down these guys "fight" to solve their issues. How the hell does that indicate a non bullying stance?
  4. Remember Jerry Lawler week after week calling Vickie fat?
  5. Wrestling will naturally always have bullying. Even if not verbally, you are solving your problems through fighting like Seabs said. The be a star shit is retarded, but I find it annoying when people bitch about the bullying on WWE programming because it is just too inevitable that there will be bullying in wrestling.
  6. I agree with Wrestling will naturally always have bullying it just how wrestling ALWAY HAVE BEEN!
  7. I agree. If WWE didn't stop boasting about how they're with "be a star" it would be okay. But it doesn't make sense for Miz to one minute be saying "Don't be a bully", then after that come out and insult whomever is in the ring.
  8. Be a Star is just another kid friendly schtick to try and help people think wrestling is good for kids to watch and further along Linda's senate campaign. No need to look to far into it.
  9. Fuck Linda, had to say it. Once she loses again, I'm hoping for her to give up so WWE can go back to its roots.
  10. I'm not one to ask for another attitude era, but I'm just sick of the kiddie crap. You can have a show rated PG that isn't geared towards children. It's not even about cursing or blood, the storylines are just so elementary and boring, the characters, everything.
  11. Same. When I say roots I mean a show based around wrestling. Story-lines to do with wrestling, better feuds, more feuds, etc.
  12. I love Mick Foley. He's a part of that kind of people that always stand up for what's right even when they know they're licked.

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    @Crayo, Linda will never give up. Sad but yet so true. I think she's been running for 3 years and still she can't accomplish anything. Go back to being a housewife Linda.

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  13. Oh god, now they can't do anything in wrestling. They should stop wrestling because it could influence kids to smack each other over the head with a chair. Fuck Foley man, how can he say that?
  14. Fuck Foley? HOW DARE YOU! I kid.
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