Royal Rumble Mick Foley upset with the Rumble

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  2. I know. My main man Reigns should have won.
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  3. I think its more about DB not showing up than Batista winning. Ultimately though he just sounds like the rest of the DB marks.

    DB will come out on Raw tomorrow as over as ever, more over from having not appeared in the RR match if anything IMO. The same way his popularity spiked the most from WWe screwing him over at Mania against Sheamus, WWE 'screwing him' tonight with no RR match appearance will get even more fan support on DB's side.
  4. I share his sentiments.

    No Daniel Bryan in the Rumble, barely a Brock/Show match at all, Cena/Orton got shit all over (as expected) despite being billed as "the biggest rematch in WWE history", etc. Such an average Rumble event.
  5. True that. Honestly, it was pretty pathetic that El Torito got a spot.

    Also, tweets from Stone Cold and Rock.

    - Both Steve Austin and The Rock commented on Roman Reigns after tonight's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Here's what they wrote:

    Austin: "Roman Reigns #MVP of #WWE #RoyalRumble. Helluva babyface run coming for this kid down the road."

    Rock: "Proud of my cousin @WWERomanReigns dominant ring performance tonight. Stay humble & hungry fam. #FutureWWEChamp #RoyalRumble"
  6. Let's just agree it was both because of Reigns and DB. I totally agree with Foley. Absolutely disgusting.
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  7. Reigns? How could anyone be upset over what happened with Reigns tonight? Sure I would have rather he gone over Batista, but the fuse was essentially lit on this dude's rocket ship push tonight. Next stop, main event fools.
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  8. You gotta think about what Foley said. It was about WWE's feelings towards the fans. You heard the booes when Batista won. Hopefully, Reigns will be part of the main event at WM (most likely through the EC).
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  9. About time a legend stood up about this.

    Go Mick!
  10. Well, the fans are simply dumbasses if they aren't pleased with what they got from Reigns tonight. He stole the show
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  11. I saw a twitter post from Jim Ross too. He didn't seem too happy about it either
  12. Of course he did. Absolutely amazing performance.
  13. So what's the problem on that front? I can see being pissed that DB didn't show up, which resulted in the crowd turning on the RR match, but outside of that the PPV was good and people are really off base with their criticism. Had DB been a RR match participant the decision to give Batista the Rumble wouldn't look so bad I don't think.

    Its like people knew Batista was probably going to win, but somehow the reality of it was much worse than the idea. I "blame" the fans, not that I care that they buried Batista, but if they weren't so butt hurt about DB looking to wreak havoc on the situation people probably wouldn't be *quite* so cold on the situation. just a theory.
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  14. I posted this in the rate R.R. Thread. Pretty sure it's a reference to DB. He said in previous tweets that if DB didn't win he would throw a remote through his television. Then he said, " I can't believe he isn't even in the match, that just sucks"
  15. lmfao how I imagined @Adam. after the end.
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  16. So you're gonna tell me that Reigns losing had nothing to do with the fans being pissed? Ok, fine, I respect your opinion.
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    Last edited: Jan 27, 2014 HEY WWE....WHAT THE F?

    Yes, I'm going to put a brick through my TV. It's just going to have to wait until tomorrow. I had every intention of putting a brick through my TV tonight, after seeing that Daniel Bryan was not even entered in the Royal Rumble match, let alone going to win the thing. But, upon seeing their dad with a brick in his hand, my younger children got a little bit scared, thinking their dad had lost his mind. A rather spirited debate about the wisdom of following through on the promise to put a brick through my TV ensued with my wife - and, as is usually the case in marital debates, I, being the husband, did not emerge victorious. Honestly, the points she made about mercury and glass fragments everywhere were pretty good ones.

    But I'm still going to put a brick through my TV. It's just going to have to wait until tomorrow - when the kids are in school, and I can take the TV outside the house for the actual throwing of the brick. Granted, it's not nearly as dramatic as doing it live, right after the Rumble, but at least I will be keeping my word.

    As I mentioned on Twitter, I've never felt so disgusted at the conclusion of a WWE (or any) PPV. Like many of you out there, I just don't get it. This Daniel Bryan thing is a phenomenon. You get it. I get it. The fans in Pittsburgh (yes, I was thinking of writing "RIGHT TH...but I'm just not in a cheap pop mood) got it. But tonight, for the first time, I had to admit to myself that the powers that be are just not going to get it. And that makes me sad. I'm just honestly sad, just flat out fucking sad (yes, I dropped an F-bomb there to emphasize how F'ing sad I am for the guys who bust their butts night in and night out - Ziggler, Punk, Bryan, etc - with no hope of getting their shot at this year's Mania.

    You know who else I'm sad for? Me. In my two years as an official WWE Ambassador, I never once had to lie about my enthusiasm for the company or the product. Now, although I am no longer officially an Ambassador for WWE (believe it or not, my only official role in WWE is as GM for Saturday Morning Slam, a contract that ends in one month) I was till looking forward to being part of the biggest event of the year. I'll probably end up going anyway. But I'm about 1/6th as excited about it as I was just a few hours ago. I wanted so badly to hear 75,000 WWE fans chanting "YES" - and seeing fans walk away absolutely ecstatic about the outcome of a PPV for the first time in a while...a long while. But when given the chance to make it happen (unless they've got something MAJOR up their sleeve) WWE's answer tonight was a resounding "NO, NO, NO". @Dolph'sZiggler even a Ziggy shout

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  18. Adam is pathetic lol. He is the exact type of mark ass mark that Vince wa strolling tonight by not sending DBry's happy ass out at #30
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  19. Obviously at that point they would have popped for a Reigns victory, but wtf was supposed to happen, Reigns and Batista were going to change the ending because they could tell the crowd was going to bury the scripted finish? I'm just saying if DB had shown up the fans wouldn't have buried big Dave nearly to the degree they did.
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