News Mick Foley's last Raw?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by C.M. Shaddix, Nov 30, 2015.

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  1. It's been indicated that Foley has not been happy the past few months with WWE, actually he has for a while, but it's now being reported Foley might stop watching Raw after tonight's show unless things don't start shaping up.

    Tonight’s Raw May Be Mick Foley’s Last As A WWE Fan

    Foley also posted a lengthy post to Facebook:
    Mick Foley

    Now it's no surprise Foley has been disappointed with WWE just like most of us. But Mick Foley not watching Raw anymore isn't like an ordinary WWE fan defecting. It's losing an inspiration, it's losing the man who's title win back in the Attitude Era put WWE over WCW in the war. It's losing the man who let Taker throw him off the cell twice, it's losing the man who put it all the on the line, lost some of his ear in the industry, lost some of his teeth, and is still one of the nicest guys out there. Losing Foley as a WWE fan is a major fan loss and really makes WWE look weak, you lose Foley's support, you'll have others follow him. I've kind of been jumping on that ship too (but I still got a pokemon league showdown to participate in so i'm still sticking around here).
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  2. Good for Foley. Enjoy life and spending time with your family, brother.
  3. And the Foley carousel into embarrassment just keeps turning.

    Most people who get fed up just stop watching, not make an emotional blog about it.
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  4. His blog post was more about "quitting" the WWE. He was talking about the major differences between what was and what is now. I respect him for doing so, especially in an age where WWE erases anyone at will.
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  5. Mick does this roughly once every six months. Once a year minimum.

    This is the same man who ranted and rawed about throwing a brick through his plasma screen TV if Bryan did not win the rumble, only to chicken out and buy an old box TV to put a brick through once called on it.

    Mick does these cries for attention to attempt to stay relevant. Like when he locked onto the Horsewomen earlier this year.

    Mick will watch next week, and the week after that and so on.
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  6. Surely the WWE will suffer because of Foley & a few of his followers are quitting, haha. They've got a lot more problems than one of their legends speaking against them. It'd be worse if it was a legend who still has an onscreen presence(I.E Taker) speaking up.

    Besides, it's almost December. Foley has to take his Santa obsession and dedicate most of his time to it.
  7. *Reads Comments* :steiner:yep, why do I even bother with these threads, Foley liked last night's Raw anyway
  8. As he did last time he did this ultimatum.

    Good ol' Micker
  9. If he enjoyed last night's lifeless show, he is out of his freakin' mind.
  10. I think he just liked Tommy's return, or you are all right about Mick, i'm just a Long Islander and he's the best we ever got into the WWE lol.
  11. Either that, or he was told to write nice things because they'd be bringing him back as the fourth guy to unite with Dreamer and Dudleyz and face the Wyatts.
  12. No one cares if you stop watching. Just stop watching instead of making it sound like threat.
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  13. Mick Foley is a Dolph Ziggler fan...nuff said
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  14. He's doing absolutely nothing right now, but people are making it sound like Ziggler's the worst. We have guys like Dean Ambrose and Adam Rose to fill in those shoes.:lady:
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    I personally think Ryback is the worst.

    Fuck "The Big Guy"
  16. Don't you blog about wrestling?
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  17. I review matches. I don't write emotional pieces were I try to set ultimatums of "If you don't improve, I stop watching".
  18. Give it time, you'll get there.
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  19. He is like the fan of a very bad sports team. lol
  20. It is sad because I like Mick... but he is acting like one of those former "legend" wrestlers who thinks what he did and when he wrestled is better but really, even if the product was doing amazing, unless his favorites are on top he will have a fit. He is acting like a typical fanboy who knows nothing about wrestling.
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