Mick Foley's reaction to RAW 2/24

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. Mick Foley is a man of many words, most of them true.. Here are his reactions to Monday Night RAW for 2/24

    On Facebook after the show he wrote...

    “I think WWE needs to accept (PLEASE listen to me here, any WWE writer, exec, or power in charge) that the ability to turn the tide hinges on finding a way to make Daniel Bryan part of that main event. For me, personally, as a wrestler, a good feud was just as important as a title shot. But the WWE Universe has been on a personal journey with Daniel Bryan, and from the 1,000′s of messages I’ve read, not a single member of that Universe will feel that their journey is complete without Daniel getting a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. PLEASE forget about the idea of Daniel Bryan vs Triple H, or Daniel Bryan vs Kane at Mania. They are both potentially great match-ups at a later time – but not for Mania. There are times when you really do need to give the people what they want…and this is one of them.”

    and he tweeted both of these tweets during the show..
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  2. I agree with him for the most part that this is the time to give the fans what they want, however one thing bothers me.. he talks about how Kane & HHH are good matches/feuds for later on down the road, but how would that make sense if they give DB what he wants now? Like the only reason a DB/HHH match would be happening is because HHH screwed him over for his title chances for so long now that they can't really back out of it, set it aside and then touch back on it later after they gave him what he wanted you know? Same goes for Kane as he is apart of the Authority.
  3. Foley has actually just become annoying, just come to my local amusement park already and shut up.
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  4. Well I pretty much figured he was never actually going to get a title reign, I suppose going over Triple H is supposed to be as good right?
  5. I like the idea of HHH/Bryan at Mania. Sorry fanboys and Mick, but I think it makes more sense now.
  6. Foley is such a mark. He can't really think Tista v Orton will close Mania. They just use "main-event" to make it sound more important.
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  7. Am I the only one that thinks Bryan is gonna come out at the end of the match of Tista vs. Orton. Batista wins. Daniel Bryan runs in the ring and Batista rolls out (heel). Daniel Bryan gets a mic and says the he wants the title. And a huge YES CHANT hits and that's how they end of the night. I don't think WWE is that dumb guys... come on.
  8. I'm not sure if this post is serious or not, but WWE had Miz win the main event of Wrestlemania previously, yes WWE can be that dumb.
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  9. I liked the Miz's heel run as WWE Champ, you son of a bitch! ME & YOU AT WRESTLEMANIA 30!
  10. I'm already shining up my size 10 trainer in preparation for turning it sideways and sticking it right up your candy ass.
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  11. :eww:
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  12. :downer:
  13. WWE can make anything happen. DB could have his moment at Mania like he has earned and then get screwed later by Triple H. Hell, Triple H could even beat DB himself and end DB's reign, spiraling into a feud. I think Mick's point is let your main face shine on the grandest stage, then have time for other crap afterwards.
  14. Mick needs to shut the fuck up already. He sounds more pathetic than the DB forum marks ffs.

    Thanks mick.
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  15. Mick is burying himself more and more. Yeah, we all love DB, and unless Foley is the next legend to turn heel on him - i dont need him to tell me if he was disappointed.

    DB is not being buried or at the twilight of his big run ffs, they saved us all from DB vs Orton vs Batista - how are people pissed we get to see DB vs HHH ffs, think of how shitty Batista and Orton have been
  16. #belt marks
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  17. Seriously it's the only thing i'll ever thank CM Punk for. WE WERE GOING TO GET A FUCKING SHEAMUS VS DB MATCH, and now it's everything or nothing before he holds the belt for a long time? How many (eta my bad) dirtsheet threads were there before Orton cashed in his MITB about having long term champion runs.

    I dont get it, HHH vs DB in a possible MOTN and DB gets his shot in basically his home a month later, OR boring chants happening almost as much as the yes chants. DB cant save the main event from being shit, i get the WM payoff but him going over HHH is > him beating Orton imo. The Authority are the ones who screwed him, Randy was just the bitch heel they let keep the belt during this time.
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  19. Lol, really Dolph? I would bet that if Mick said something about Dolph Ziggler in particular, supporting him, and bashing WWE on his behalf....you would thumbs up it and practically suck Mick's dick. Just because you don't like DB, doesn't mean he's not over big and that Mick is wrong.
  20. We're not mad about DB vs. Triple H, at least I know I'm not. I'm mad that for 8 months DB has been held back, clearly. He's been forced to job to Orton, not in the Rumble, and he was going to fight Sheamus until Punk left....really? The guy who is taking off and becoming bigger every week and very over with the fans...is set to fight Sheamus as Bootista and Orton headline Mania..makes total sense...lol
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