Mickie James helping train the divas this week

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  2. That's interesting, perhaps Mickie James will return as a trainer so she won't have to have the heavy schedule of a full time WWE Diva and will have time to focus on her music career? I wouldn't mind her coming back to the WWE at all, I think she would be a great addition, or they can even use her as a one time deal in NXT to help give a NXT Diva a rub, or even put one of them over in a match.
  3. Mickie James training NXT divas at performance centre WTF but WWE released her why have they now suddenly got her training the future divas? I bet since shes free of TNA they are wanting her back now well Mickie should tell them where to go. Mickie was at the top in WWE but then they suiddenly released her for no reason she shouldnt give any of her time to that company
  4. Because WWE has former stars who are freelancers training all the time.
    A couple of months back Michelle McCool was the guest trainer for the divas for a week.
    Eve was there last week teaching self defense and helping train them.

    WWE keeps track of all their former employees for instances like this.
  5. Mickie James.... train....

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  6. Do we need tickets to board the Mickie train?
  7. Everything i've seen from her over the past year+ has been shit. Good for the diva's, she is a perfect example of a mediocre performer who has a lot of interest in outside funding.

    I dont hate Mickie James but people like her are why i actually get/semi-respect the AJ Lee angle. I dont care if you want to do movies, if you want to do something separate from the company, shut the fuck up about it when you are at your 2nd job. I've worked with so many people who have 2nd jobs (kids, child support, people who are fucked with debt, etc) and i have never given a single fuck about what they did at their other job, and that's as simple as i can explain it.
  8. I'm glad Mickie left shitshow and got a good job back in the big leagues. Score for her, she doesn't have to travel.
    She's done well for herself, considering I can do a Google image search and see her butt hole on Page 1.
  9. You can see her butthole?
  10. Where is such image
  11. Yep. Start trying out google image searches with her, and you'll come across the right search to see that and her gobble gobble turkey neck roast beef sammich.
  12. She just made her butthole wink. not a fan, stick to the hits please.
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  13. Google. You'll have to figure out the rest yourself. It's not hard to find though lol
  14. lol

    yeah I'm not a huge fan of her, but I'll still wish her the best. Usually when someone spreads their buttcheeks for money, it only goes downhill from there. She's clearly improved her quality of life through her wrestling career.
  15. >'micke james brown eye'
    >safe search off
    >pleasant fappings
  16. I dont want to see her butthole, i'll leave that to the @Jonathan 's of the site.
  17. Trust me, you're better off not seeing it. She could have washed up better.
  18. :eww2:
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  19. :goatface:
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