Mickie James Reveals Why She Required Surgery

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  1. Following up on her TV promo Thursday night during TNA Impact, Mickie James detailed recent surgery to remove a benign tumor in an interview with Diva-Dirt.com.

    "It was pretty scary," Mickie said. "I didn’t get into a whole big ordeal as far as my surgery went because it was so scary and very personal, and kind of humbling in a sense."

    Mickie added that she's glad she had the surgery rather than thinking like a typical wrestler that she could avoid the issue and keep going.

    "In this industry, we’re so accustomed to fighting off pain or negating it, and working through it, sometimes we don’t take little things very seriously," Mickie said. "Most times when we think of getting hurt or having to go to the hospital, it’s usually for to do with an injury in the ring, so for it to be for something personal and to have this mass...and thank God it was benign."

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