Microsoft... THE SHAME!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. So apparently, Microsoft is losing big money.
    So much so that the only thing bringing in money for them is Xbox360.
    Which may possibly mean, they won't have a good amount of money to put into the next gen system...
    Which then means... I may end up with a Sony gaystation next gen system.
    :sad: :upset: :why:
  2. I have a hard time seeing Microsoft lose that much money. Too much of the world uses PC's for that.
  3. They are losing money because they spent so much on windows phones that no one is buying. Computers aren't selling as much as they were a few years ago. Everyone wants tablets/iPads and such right now.

    I hope they don't cheap out the next gen system because of it.
  4. 90% of the world's computer users uses Microsoft computers. They'll still turn a profit. Fall quarter is always bad for Microsoft but they make up for it with holiday sales.
  5. They must be making it sound a lot worse then it is.
    Load off my mind.


    :finger: SONY!
  6. Some quotes to help calm you.

    They still make tons of money if a bit slower and they have invested in other ventures that turn profit. They have been working on the next gen system for 2 years already. It is well on the way and won't be rushed. The 360 still makes an insane profit, only console to ever earn back it's developing cost.
  7. Oh great! :obama:

    I am glad. Its funny how a few words can make you think a whole company is going down the crapper. I honestly don't see a need to release the next gen system for like 2 or 3 more years. Xbox is still selling systems and much more. Its quite amazing. They made the best video gaming system ever, hands down.
  8. Bill Gates is also one of the richest men on the planet. I think he can seriously buy a couple of small countries, run them for 10 years and still not worry about making money.
  9. :true: Bill probably lines his sheets with $100 bills lol
  10. Get ps3 anyways :ksi:
  11. Meh i only got xbox because i was too cheap to get the ps3, in reality ive always been a playstation fan boy, fan of their legacy games and of their HUD's and style, once this generation ends, xbox is dead to me.

    Gone (hopefully) with the monthly subscription, or the obnoxious art design and character design in the menus and bios.

    Actually only reason i still use my old pc sometimes is because im too lazy to connect my macbook pro with my printer, otherwise the pc would never be turned on...

    Steve Jobs was right, microsoft doesnt have all too much "style" and the current trend tends to agree, now that technology ismore trendy than ever.
  12. At least Xbox doesn't have hackers holding the whole system hostage for months. :dawg:
  13. True, sony has failed in many ways to keep its ground as the choice device for non nintendo style fans, but theyve still managed to sell more consoles than microsoft, that comes from pedigree consisting that people could have easily gone to xbox directly as i did, and leave playstation in a whole for years, which is kind of what happened at a point.

    It can also be argued that the system selective games have been overall better on the xbox in this generation.

    I like the fact that playstation is free online, and it's hud is not as ridiculous to me as xbox's, along with other annoying things, but i wonder...Does the playstation have a older average age when it comes to it's owners?

    Actually according to the chart in this page
    xbox has sold way more consoles in america and adjoining countries than sony, and its been noticed as ive been given the idea that the big amount of mexicans, and little children ive played with.

    Although it might sound a bit "bad" i have had very bad experiences with mexicans screaming obscenities at me, and the servers in fifa are filled with them, also with children, perhaps the play station's change of demographic would be good for me.
  14. Ps3 is indeed classier :otunga:
  15. :gtfo:
  16. :idontcare:

  17. Also, ps3 controllers > > > xbox controllers
  18. Ps3 is Randy Savage. Enjoy playing solo and being happy about free internet that constantly is a piece of trash. I'll keep paying to keep a console that has good games going strong.
  19. All I need is Red Dead Redemption, GTA and maybe Madden. :tough:
  20. Actually i dont know about playstation but xbox has always had a cheap connotation to it, some people forget that years ago xbox was a laughing stock..

    The red ring of death thing killed the reputation of xbox in a large part and the only reason that they sold more than the playstation was because it was cheaper, and had indeed come out with some good games, but playstation has its good worth as well.

    I actually wanted to buy a ps3 just to play mgs4 but i didnt, hope ps4 is backwards compatible ill play mgs 4 as soon as i get it.

    The xbox has also had the problems of providing me with a cheap mic that literally broke in half a while ago, and an xbox controller that became so unresponsive that i had to buy another one, and this has been a common problem for many, believe me...

    For the most part what i play are rockstar games and fifa, but gears of war, and bioshock for example are some of the only reason i dont fully regret getting an xbox.
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