Microsoft warns of new "Zero day" flaw targeting IE

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Sep 18, 2012.

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    I personally use Google Chrome, and have been since 2009. IE is god awful, and very slow. Also, when you have to download a program, if the program tells you install add-ons, they usually install on Internet Explorer, which is why I uninstalled IE after I downloaded Google Chrome. I would recommend doing the same if there is actually someone that uses IE on this forum.

    Apparently, 33% of all consumers do.​
  2. If anyone uses IE you fail.
  3. You can't uninstall Internet Explorer. Therefore, your whole entire thread is a lie and you, good sir, are a lie.
  4. This. It's such a piss-poor browser.
  5. I beg to differ.

  6. I've had computers on all operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 7... Have never been able to uninstall IE.
  7. That's uninstalling an update, IE would still exist on your PC.
  8. You can disable IE.

    1. Control Panel.
    2. Uninstall a program
    3. Turn off windows features
    4. Check IE
    5. Confirm.
  9. But you can't delete it completely. I stand corrected.

    Crayo/Ariana Grande - 1
    M.V.P/Lacky - 0
  10. This as well.

    @[Crayo] if you uninstall the update, which is the ONLY Windows IE factory update, that will completely get rid of Explorer.
  11. not reading that. what is this zero day thing
  12. Short term, Hackers exploiting some shit.
  13. An IE exploit that can infect your computer and make it really hard to find the infected file location unless you know a lot about IE exploits.
  14. Lol zero day isn't just an IE exploit you noob. We were compromised by a 0 Day hack not too long ago.
  15. LMFAO! This is so great! Dude, what do you think Zero Day is? It's an exploit in explorer that can allow hackers to gain access to your PC and infect the mad shit out of it, or just wipe you C drive in general.
  16. am i at risk if i have IE installed :hmm:
  17. Wonder if its safe for me to use IE. :notsure:
  18. "0-day (zero-day): The term 0-day exploit describes an exploit that is not publicly known. It describe tools by elite hackers who have discovered a new bug and shared it only with close friends. [...]"

    I want your apology via post.
  19. Just don't visit unknown sites. Or download unsafe programs.
  20. How do they hack though?
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