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Microsoft held their Windows 10 briefing this past week so figured I'd put up a thread recapping the good / interesting bits.

Microsoft HoloLens
Have you guys seen this? It's set to come out during the Windows 10 lifespan (Windows 10 release is scheduled for mid 2015).

The media that was at the Windows 10 briefing a couple of days ago got to test it out and most reports say that it isn't smoke and mirrors, that it actually works. (they tested the skype call interaction as well as the Mars Curiosity thing among others)

The co developers of the HoloLens is NASA, using a platform called OnSight which is used on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

WIndows 10 - Gaming

Windows 10 will bring with it DirectX 12, increasing the performance of windows 10 powered devices by 20%.

Windows 10 will enable crossplay between Xbox One and PCs, they demonstrated it on Fable: Legends with one person on X1 and the other on PC playing co-op live.

W10 will come with Xbox App that will let you add friends and control your Xbox One profile as well as have an integrated GameDVR thing similar to the one on Xbox One enabling you to share/stream across popular platforms.

You will be able to 'stream' your game from your Xbox One to PC/Surface tablets, essentially being able to play ALL Xbox One games on your PC/Surface.

Other WIndows 10 stuff
Internet Explorer is replaced with Project Spartan.

Windows 10 will have Windows defender acting as a top grade antivirus (no need for another software)

Cortana, the virtual assistant, will use the internet to learn things on the go and help you out (kinda like Siri/Okay Google/S-voice to help you increase productivity)

If you own windows 7/8/8.1 You will get windows 10 free for life if you upgrade in the first year (rumours are going around that it will be a subscription model for the OS)

Anyone else excited? I am! I love the crossplay idea, its been a long time coming and HoloLens looks neat but reserving judgement on that.

Getting the upgrade to win10 for free is neat, initial reactions to Project Spartan seem to suggest it's actually a good competitor to chrome/opera/firefox.
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