Mid Card Championships?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by RoyalRaven, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. I can only figure that Axel will be facing R-Truth for the IC championship again at HIAC. But what about Ambrose, think we'll see it being defended? Also who will challenge?

    Personally I think we'll see Kofi have another shot.
  2. lol Kofi wins
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  3. ^^What he said. Matter of time until Kofi wins it. If it's not him it'll be Truth.
  4. It's a shame it's so predictable, I wish we'd have an exciting mid card feud for a PPV, they always get just added like a few days before the PPV. Oh look Kofi stepped on Ambrose's shoes, they're fighting at HIAC. Instead of any actual build up between the two :/
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  5. WWE give no fucks about the Midcard. Remember when we had great Midcard feuds? Remember TLC? remember when Midcard titles mattered? They should really either merge titles, or try adding some more meaning to these titles. They never get defended anymore, either. I want some feuds and unifications, or some sort of Midcard activity.
  6. It'll probably be Big E vs. Axel to be honest.
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  7. I must have missed something. Is Langston turning face?

  8. Yeah, he turned face on SD. Saved Punk/beat up Axel and Ryback.
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  9. Hopefully there won't be any, they just drag shows down.

  10. I read this about 5 minutes before it happened (at least on my DVR'd playback of Smackdown). I don't usually read spoilers. Just a thing with me.

  11. Yeah, I always avoid spoilers as well, I had watched the show already in this case. Sorry about spoiling.
  12. Now worries. I laughed when I read it while Punk was in the process of setting up Langston for the GTS. I thought it was pretty funny they would coincidentally happen about the same time.

    Besides, I'm actually glad they're turning him face. I actually think there's a future feud between Langston and Ryback to be had and I can see that stemming from a feud between Langston and Axel. Two powerhouses like them in the ring together? That would probably make a little money.

  13. I'd have Big E destroy Axel and win the IC at HIAC with a 5 count, and then he can feud with Ryback for the belt, freeing Punk from this storyline, giving the IC a somewhat meaningful feud over it and then they can re-think Axel and all.
  14. I don't think they need to do much re-thinking of Axel. He's been successful, mainly as a result of Heyman's tutelage. Whether or not he's learned how to work a mic is another question. If he has, maybe it's time to break him away from Heyman; if he hasn't, Paul can remain his manager. Axel's fine.

  15. It's just the promo part that annoys me. He can cut a pretty good promo from what I've seen, but the style they were having him work when he was speaking every show a while ago wasn't working.
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  16. Pretty excited to see if they'll got down the lines of a Axel-Langston feud for the IC title. Glad to see Langston going after a belt, and wouldn't mind him being champion either.
  17. Ye
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