Mid-card faces on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by THEWWEMARK, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. With Swagger being the United States Champion, he's going to need an opponent. The most likely scenario for Swagger is that he and Ziggler get into a feud with Kofi and Truth and they feud separately, so you have two faces against two heels. It seems that without Zack Ryder, there's no faces. Miz, ADR, Primo/Epico, Slater... they're heels. So, who's the next mid-card faces? Will Swagger and Ryder feud? Post your thoughts down below.
  2. Good post. I'd say Mason Ryan, but he just did a job to Tyler Reks on Superstars, WWE has as much faith in him as we do. Alex Riley? Yeah, in Crayo's dreams. Brodus Clay? :facepalm:. Is Santino available?

    Raw's loaded with main-event babyfaces and mid-card heels right now. That draft can't come soon enough, and he probably won't defend that belt until it happens unless it's against some random guy in an unannounced match like at EC.
  3. Riley is crap, Clay is being doghoused, Santino is an option.
  4. Riley isn't crap. It has to be Riley. He has better mic skills than the whole mid card put together and has the look. He's over even whilst jobbing on NXT.
  5. Riley is crap, santino would never be taken seriously, brodus clay is being axed for some reason.
    I would say kane, but hes starting a feud against orton.
  6. Riley isn't crap, you're right Santino isn't taken seriously but he's mega-over, Brodus Clay isn't axed he's being "repackaged".
  7. riley IS crap, thats why is not being used, and mainly jobbing.
  8. Never heard of politics my friend? CM Punk (the hottest property in WWE right now) was in the dog house for 6 months too not many years ago, he wasn't any less talented back then was he?
  9. What about politics? Tripple H personally told u that he isnt giving Riley a push because Riley isnt kissing his ass? Its incredible the amount of ridiculous theories someone can come up with sometimes to defend their beliefs. Politics is just your assumption, i would like to see factual evidence that hes playing politics wrong.
  10. Didn't you know? I work out with HHH, we're bestest buddies :emoji_slight_smile:

    Btw, like the theory that Rock having notes on his arm was a work? Hmm, I love the smell of exposed hypocrisy.
  11. He went from beating a former world champion to superstars in a year. There is something wrong surely and we can speculate as to the reason. What proof do you have he was depushed due to his ability?
  12. Wrestlers are SUPPOSED to get depushed for their ability. So if you are trying to say someone is getting depushed for reasons other than ability, then the burden of proof is on you. Saying that one of your favoured superstar got depushed only because of politics without any factual evidence is the height of ignorance. Everyone can use that politics excuse for their favoured wrestlers who are getting depushed.

    Once again, wwe promos are SUPPOSED to be storylines. So if you are singeling out a portion of a promo and claiming in to be out of storyline, then the burden of evidence is once again on you.
    I love how you try to post your ridiculous beliefs as if it was a fact.
  13. So CM Punk going from WHC title scene to jobbing to show in the midcard was because he suddenly lost his ability?
  14. all the mid card on raw that u naming guys have are CRAP! How about this Little Jimmy Man R-Truth! He was US Champion for 2 weeks! He should face Swagger for the US Title at WM28!
  15. That match would just kill the crowd reaction, I'm sorry.

    None of the mid-card are "crap". If I was a new RAW watcher, I'd look at R-Truth and be like "Well he's incredibly boring". But if I watched 6 months prior, I'd be a huge Truth fan. Why? Because of how good he was as a heel.

    Riley is the same, he was great when he was Miz' psychic even if he was just used to take finishers. He's extraordinary on the mic, I just wish we could hear more.
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