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  1. I've been thinking a bit on this and the recent mess with the IC title just really brought out the issue with these titles right now. That's plain to see it's the whole beat the champ in a non title match to earn a title shot. There's no build up anymore, When Beniot and Jericho fought over the IC title it was awsome there was story it was build up to it. They did the right thing with the build up for Rusev and Cena but the whole Ambrose Barret thing just doesn't have any emotions about it. Right now it's getting there with Ambrose stealing the title belt, I can see it all leading to a cage match at WM.
  2. Well, so far Ambrose has jobbed to a hologram, a candy cane, and an exploding television, so I guess winning the IC Championship, a title that hasn't brought any luck or fortune to anyone's career in probably well over a decade, couldn't be much worse, right?

    As for Barrett himself, he hasn't exactly done anything spectacular since winning the strap back, since they've all but taken his "Bad News" gimmick away from him, and now there's rumors of them saddling him up with an "English Morris dancer gimmick" now instead. I mean, perhaps I just haven't been paying enough attention, but when's the last time he actually came out and delivered any bad news to the crowd?

    The feud itself is pretty decent so far, but yeah, if Ambrose walks away with the championship, it's not like I have any high hopes that it'll revitalize his career or anything, but at least it can't get much worse for him. I'd love to have faith and say that "Maybe Ambrose can be the man to give the championship importance again", but I don't have much optimism left in me.
  3. Yeah, I was just thinking about this the other day. Since he won the belt, Barrett has won 3 TV matches, two vs Sin Cara and one vs Mizdow (with interference from the Miz, btw). So the champ is a complete joke. The deal "pin the champ, get a title match" has been overdone for years in the midcard because I guess they don't care enough to make it interesting so they just phone it in with such crap. The IC is looking terrible. Won't complain about the US because we actually got a big match for it on the last PPV and all. But the IC, lol.
  4. There's enough of a story so far if they give the good promos to us on RAW. Like this:

    Ambrose cut one of the best promos of his WWE life right after Fast Lane, and this should've been put on RAW. If not, the other one:

    Two fantastic promos that would give us more of a reason to care. Ambrose fought and fought, but Barrett ran away and when trying to put Barrett back, Ambrose was DQ'd by the referee (at a 3 count, none the less) and Barrett wouldn't look like that much of a shit champion, but they could easily fix that with some decisive wins on Smackdown. Instead, we get Ambrose stealing the title with little explanation, Barrett jobbing and everyone in the feud now (which wouldn't be that bad if they gave us a reason to give a shit about the IC title in it's current state).
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