MidCard Mafia Episode 3

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. This includes Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins and others. It's quite boring to me, they basically make episodes (cartoons), and sort of do what Zack Ryder done (his early YT shows).

    They're not getting the same amount of respect as Zack Ryder though, most weeks the top rated comment is something harsh lol.

    "Are you guys? purposely trying to get released?!?!?!"

    Lol'd. What do you think of it?
  2. I personally think it needs work to entertain. I understand they're trying to get over and I respect them for it but I can't see the Youtube method producing too many Ryder's. I think he's a one off because he was the first to make a youtube show to express his character.
  3. Yeah, I'm not even sure if it's them trying to get a push. It might be them trying to get a bit more reactions, but they make some digs at HHH in that clip (his movie), I suppose that's why people are asking them if they're asking to be fired lol.
  4. Lol Hawkins does sound really bitter alot of the time it's a shame he was the more talented major brother imo. He just lacks the drive Zack has.
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