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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Robbie Coletrain, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Here it is, i know you have all been waiting for it, the Boro discussion thread!
    Btw its a joke, i know no one else here is a Boro fan, but does anybody know enough about them to talk with me about them? Im guessing not but i want to talk about them and like you guys much better than the people on Middlesbrough's forums. Please talk to me, im so lonely :alone:



    Im so sad :downer:
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  2. I got fanatically excited to see a Middlesbrough FC thread, assuming Jonathan had seen the light. But Christ did I cringe reading through that again, what was I thinking?:urm:

    Why did you have to bring this back tgill? Why?:cry:
  3. Eh...you have Woodgate...that's cool...I guess.
  4. Tell me which team you support so I can spend the next 3 to 4 days trying to come up with a statement equally hurtful. :harvey:

    Edit - :finger:
  5. At least you no longer suffer alone
  6. hahahaa

    Tbh, I root for Boro as my #1 team in the championship now, solely because of Cole, and the fact I just used to like them in the BPL.
  7. This is very true, how do you feel about the start to the season? It hasn't been great but some people are bugging me with their constant doom and gloom attitude, if we go out and beat Wigan then suddenly everything doesn't look so bad imo.
  8. And United have always been my number 2 team but I'm going to pretend it's because of you just because of how delightful that was to read. :yay:
  9. I know boro fans are probably the most fickle bunch ever if we win its like yeah were going up but if we loose its like mowbray out gibson out boro are going down im slightly dissappointed tbh with only the one win so far 2013 just aint our year is it lol
  10. I know, we have awful fans, and yeah, like I said it's been disappointing, especially because our run ins been fairly easy, I just wish we would sign a striker, we haven't had a prolific one since Vids and Yakubu but we never seem to be out to get one. I think Emnes and Juke could both be good but for various reasons can't play to their full potential.

    I really don't know what it is about 2013 but this year can't end soon enough, I still believe Mowbray can take us up so I just hope Gibson doesn't bow down to the pressure from our fans and sack him.
  11. I wanted 'Boro to get promoted last year 'cuz of Josh McEachran. So yeah, that's pretty much the entire interest I ever had in the team.
  12. I know same i still think he's the right man though and yes we need a goalscorer urgently not sure who we'd get though as we ain't got much id take ross mcormack right now
  13. But...I...HE WON US(Spurs) THE CARLING CUP!

    I like him...although I haven't watched him play since he then.
  14. I'm a Newcastle fan...close enough?
  15. so we have a mag and a mackam now...great
  16. Who's the mackem? I don't mind banter as long as he's a decent bloke
  17. I wonder. :lol1:

    Surprised you smoggy lot can see the computer screen.
  18. ^thats the mackem i'll let you make your own mind up on that one
  19. How's that revolution going? :emoji_wink:
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