Kayfabe Mighty Mouse.

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  1. Beaten and battered from his grueling match earlier in the night Arno is spotted leaving the arena with the rest of studio 72. A backstage interviewer approaches the group with a team of security guards for safety. Too exhausted to refuse the interviewers request Arno consents to the interview. He wears a obviously annoyed expression on his face as the interviewer beings speaking.

    You and Kameron really beat each other down tonight but the match ended in a double count out, what’s next?

    Arno stares at the interviewer for the moment. He reaches out for something, the interviewer looks around confused until Arno points down at the microphone and he hands it over. Arno looks into the camera; his makeup is running down his face and caking up under his chin.

    Well, I may not be a free man for too much longer since the that…Detroit street rat decided to be a mighty mouse and send LAPD to my studio. Until they inevitably lock me away I have one goal: get rid of Kameron Kalmar. If will not be a free man he won’t be a living one. Not much longer.

    His breathing is strained and puts he hand on his side. He leans on the wall behind him.

    You know what if we weren’t so thirsty to just…hurt each other and kept track of the count I probably wouldn’t have beaten you anyway. When we fight again—and we will fight again you may still best me. I don’t care anymore. I just want to leave a mark…a signature if you will. I just want you to feel me when it’s all over. I just want you to never forget our little game.

    Arno rocks himself off the wall and throws the microphone back toward the interviewer. He walks to join Judas and Elise as they leave the arena.

    Later in the evening the Frye’s are in their hotel room packing to leave for the airport. The group is restless; they are worried about what awaits them back in LA. Arno was granted permission to work while the investigation was undergoing but his fate would be revealed sooner than later. Music calms the trios anxiety, Arno looks stares out the window as Judas and Elise pack away all their stuff. Judas stops folding away his equipment and walks over to Arno.


    In the event you—

    Don’t worry about that right now! Let’s get back home before we start stressin’

    But Elise he gets locked up we are screwed!

    Stop it Judie! He ain’t going to jail! They’ll just put him on house arrest or something.

    We kidnapped people, Elise…and tortured them I don’t they that gets you house arrest.

    The two continue to bicker on completely ignoring Arno. He opened the hotel’s window now and has his body half way out of it...

    They’re about four stories up, it looks like he’s contemplating—

    No...We need a plan…
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