Mike. at his best

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Mike. at his best.

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    :laugh: @[Mike.]
  2. i think the only one i would do is the 5'11 one, when im high i just keep saying shut the fuck up because people are loud as shit
  3. No you don't. Look at the pic's. It's you!
  4. haha pack a bowl miikee
  5. zev im doing tolerance break til next week :emoji_slight_smile:
    need to save this money for my cousin cuz he probably wont smoke me out, well he will but ill be running a tab haha
  6. stingy bastards your cousins :true:
  7. well he did smoke me out for 30 days without me paying, hes a G, but ima be nice and throw up 20 bills
  8. bring some home with you to!
  9. ima try haha, probably a J
  10. bring more pussy smoke ur sister out u wont
  11. no thats wird haha
  12. she's ur fuking sister your blood wtf is wrong with u guys :annoyed:
  13. weed makes bitches horny haha
  14. no it doesn't kid that's like a 12 yrs little kids rumor.
    she's ur fuking sis holy shit wuts wrong with white people
  15. Lmfao at this thread.
  16. Incest...
  17. :laugh:
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  18. This thread :terry:

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