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  1. Visting for a bit, havent been on in awhile, where is crayo and marky mark?

    Had sex with 3 girls since Ive been gone, and I am about to rail a hooters girl, will post picture for proof, also can add me on snapchat for pics later tonight, into the next month

    Love you all
  2. Solidus bought the forum and we as a collective membership voted to ban Crayo.
  3. I wish I was like you, Mike. Just like Mike.
  4. damn niggas oh damn
  5. Left, right and sock don't count. :pity:
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  6. you hooked up with a cartoon giraffe?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. File not found. Lol, Mike.
  9. .png is not supposed to be capitalized.. here ya go lol

  10. Add me - Kevinohrman
  11. hit it while you can, that chick is a football in 18 months max.

    Really though, do work mike, see you in 6-8 months again.
  12. In front of me ? Nah, it a cherry wood table we painted black, and in that room thats my bed with a black comforter
  13. no see where her foot ends? What is that. Daybed?
  14. Nah that would be our coffee table
  15. Image not found kind of disappointed I wanted to see Mike.
  16. Mike lives the life of dead images I wish I could live.
  17. None of your pictures work, playa.
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