Mike Knox's TNA name is...

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  2. Original name I see...
  3. Knux, eh? :meh:
    Could have had a way more creative name than that.
  4. Sux would be better, am I right guys? :jeritroll:
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  5. Short for ''Knuckles'' or whaaa? :dawg:
    Sounds a bit silly, but whatever, this whole A8's crap is one silly mess.
  6. NUTS! Who wants Nuts!?
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  7. Crayo does!
  8. Stupid name, the same as his surname but with an U instead of an O. Simply stupid in my opinion
  9. They're getting very creative, I see.
  10. Just me who has little care about his name? The Rock was horrible too as was Triple H, CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  11. All great talents who transcended their names. Mike Knox? Not so much.
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  12. Irelevant, the point was the name is not an important of whether he'll get over.
  13. Knox is a good wrestler and brawler, hopefully he gets somewhere in TNA.
  14. Agreed, he won't pull out any 5* classics by any stretch of the imagination but he's good enough to sit in the midcard as the enforcer of the group. If the Tag division wasn't so awesome currently I'd dig Doc and Knox as dominant heel tag champs.
  15. Devon claims on twitter (if it means anything) that DOC and Knoxx will indeed be a tag team going forward. I'd DIG it sucka.:obama:
  16. So Aries + Roode back to the ME, Knucks and Doc replacing them wouldn't be too bad. They're both pretty agile guys for their size so could play a dominant team well.
  17. Well, wasn't going to be much better than that anyway.
  18. Sounds like someone put a typo in their scripts.
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