Mike Tyson Says He Wants To Wrestle For WWE & Talks Mayweather vs. Big Show

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  2. He'd be fine as a manager for a wrestler with boxing gimmick, and doing some promos. Not in the ring though, that would be horrific.
  3. Tyson for color commentary on RAW
  4. Tyson and Booker for commentary would be gold.
  5. Love the second statement, where he says in wrestling the wrestlers should look better. Agree 100%.
  6. Tyson for WWE champ.
  7. Tyson agreeing with us that wrestlers should come out of these celeb moments looking boss.

    Also Tyson on commentary with Booker would be to funny, Guy sounds like he knows what he's on about as well.
  8. Won't want to see him in the ring that much, but having him for one match just to job I guess wouldn't be to bad. He's still Mike Tyson and having a young guy go over someone as crazy as him isn't bad. I'm glad he felt like that during the Big Show vs Floyd thing. It's bullshit to have wrestlers lose to none wrestlers, it's unfair and makes them look weaker, even if it is a cheat win. That's what WCW did with the world championship, I'm glad WWE isn't that stupid, but it's still stupid. I enjoyed watching Mike Tyson in the WWF when he was, it was something pretty cool. I didn't exactly mark hard but it was a badass time to bring him in and I did enjoy it pretty well.
  9. The first time round he was just an enforcer, that's acceptable to me. At his age there's no way he should start a wrestling career.
  10. I would love to see him work with the WWE. Commentary would be great, even if he did a match here or there as well like Booker.
  11. Just me that wants him to fuck off then?

    Manager sure, in-ring wrestler no.
  12. Tyson shooting a promo? :haha:
    I think he would be good as a GM, but I wouldn't be able to take anything Tyson says seriously.
  13. He's way more articulate than people think. I believe, like in wrestling, he played a character during his boxing career. As the bad ass psycho. He can speak and is hilarious. Watch some recent tv/radio interviews, you'll be surprised.
  14. Very good statement on Mayweather beating Big Show. Agree totally.

    I'd like to see him and Lesnar team up vs. Cena and The Game.
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    I don't even want him as a manager...
  16. At least somebody agrees with me. I can understand due to his name why they'd use him as a manager, but he can't speak... I cringe when I hear him.

    Bring on the hate Americans, but I would much prefer real wrestling managers again.
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    So true plus Tyson getting involved means one thing..... Ko punch, remember when he knocked Jericho out?