Mike Tyson tells ESPN he is excited about his induction into WWE Hall of Fa

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Vince knew how to get him when times were hard.
  2. I'm glad someone is excited. I couldn't give a rats ass if he's going into the HoF, he shouldn't be anywhere near it.
  3. He created a huge buzz around WM 14 tbf to him so he does have more a claim then names like Drew Carey. I agree he shouldn't be near a wrestling HOF but the WWE one he has a claim.
  4. Is it just me who thinks there shouldn't be this celebrity class?
  5. If you have to induct a celebrity, who's better than Tyson?
    Beats the hell out of Drew Carey.
  6. I agree then again if I was creating a HOF I'd like to change a lot of thing.
  7. Oh god yeah so would I. Just seeing Tyson go in before Savage makes me sick. Though, they might be saving Savage so he can headline one but I doubt it. Rock will be headlining next year.
  8. ya, Tyson is still scary so i believe he merits a vote. wrestling is like a circus 2 me and tyson is a freak show.
  9. Tyson is a pretty cool guy from interviews I've seen. He's really mellowed out from his fighting days (IMO to be a professional in a combat sport you have to be a bit nutty)

    He's a pretty deep and philosophical dude these days
  10. I like him as a guy, definitely. When he guest hosted RAW I actually really enjoyed that show. Sheamus was awesome then.
  11. I do agree with you Crayo about the celebrity wing being a bit lame (but I understand why WWE does it, obviously it brings them a lot of publicity, more publicity than just inducting wrestlers every year).

    As far as the Celebrity wing of the HOF goes however, Tyson is among the most deserving to go in.
  12. Tyson sounds right 2 me. Is Donald Trump in yet? I'm not a huge fan or anything, but I love visiting his resorts and my ex said he helped make Wrestlemania what is today. Dunno if itz true or not
  13. No offence but F Tyson and the whole celeb wing it's crap and there for marketing purposes. Tyson gets a few boxing fans buying in for this WM of Rock/Cena.
  14. Celebs in the HOF:

    Pete Rose
    William the Refrigerator Perry
    Bob Uecker
    Drew Carey
    Mike Tyson

    I'm sure Trump will get in sooner or later seeing as there will be huge amounts of press for them when they induct him.
  15. Anyone else a Bob Uecker fan?
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