Boxing Mike Tyson vs Floyd Mayweather

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  1. If these two ever met when both men were in their primes, who do you think would win? (And yes, I know Tyson was a heavyweight and Mayweather a welterweight, but let's pretend for the moment that that isn't a factor. Besides, Mayweather has said on a few separate occasions that he's confident he could defeat any boxer from any weight class.)
  2. I want to go on a limb here, and say Mayweather would win.
  3. Weight classes exist for a reason dumbass
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  4. Do you not understand the concept of a hypothetical question? And as I pointed out, Mayweather feels he could defeat anyone of any weight class anyway, so it's irrelevant to me.
  5. Mayweather's job is to promote himself, of course he uses hyperbole like that to sell himself. And I don't understand the concept. You are asking me to imagine a HW sized Floyd or a WW sized Tyson? Either way they lose their biggest weapon in moving weight classes so it is just a jabroni ass question to ask
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  6. Considering Mayweather's quickness and skill at defensive boxing could work wonders against anyone of any weight class, there's little reason to think there weren't seriousness behind his comments. I don't necessarily agree that moving them to different weight classes would completely strip them of their greatest strengths either.

    Anyway, the question was meant to inspire fun debate/discussion, not serious nitpicking, especially since it was not too long ago that Tyson said if he could face anyone in history while in the prime of his career that he'll never get the chance to, it'd be Floyd Mayweather. And if we put aside the fact that the boxing/athletic commission would never allow a fight between two people of radically different weight classes to go down, I think it's an interesting fight to propose. Mayweather's greatest weapon is being able to dodge blows and land defensive punches that count and then skate by with victories on points, and Tyson's greatest strength is having fists of concrete that can lay pretty much any man out. I don't see why different weight classes would distract from this being an interesting fight to imagine.
  7. Tyson. 10 second KO.
  8. Yea, Lock, if you want a real answer Maywesther doesn't survive the fight. Mike hurts him badly
  9. Yeah, Tyson is crazy fast. You can't dodge him for 12 rounds.
  10. I must agree. Mike hits really hard from what I've witnessed.
  11. I think Floyd may be pound for pound a better fighter, but on a catchweight with both at their best, there's no icecube in hell chance he would not get knocked out
  12. Mayweather would knock Tyson on his ass, isn't the guy like 50-0? I know he's got some amazing undefeated streak going on.
  13. Tyson in the first round no doubt
  14. Tyson vs Ali now that'd be interesting
  15. I don't see it being that great in all honesty, Ali just messes Tyson up mentally imo.
  16. I agree with Seabs, Ali would make easy work of Tyson most likely. Tyson's weakness(es) were Ali's strengths. Even Tyson has reportedly told the media over and over again when they continue to ask the question that he doesn't believe he could have ever beaten Ali in his prime.
  17. Tyson vs George foreman is a proper fantasy fight for me two of the hardest hitting boxers going at it
  18. It'd go down similar to Foreman Frasier imo.
  19. no need to be ****y
  20. Who the bloody hell are you ?
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