MikeDAWT vs Randy Savage

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Savage

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  2. MikeDAWT

  1. Both posters are reknowned for having extremely high quality posts, and putting their arguments across in a polite, dignified manor.

    For anyone who has not followed this epic rivalry, here is how it all started.


    So far they have thoroughly entertained us, here are a couple of other classic quotes from both of them.

    One question though, who has had the better of it so far? My vote is with Randy Savage :pity:

    Oh and one more thing @[Mike.] said that CM Punk sucks and that Kelly Kelly is a whore that can't wrestle and @[Randy Savage] said that only arseholes wear sweatpants.
  2. Long live this thread. It should be stickied so we can enjoy the action that will take place here. I just know it.
  3. That would make sense. It's probably difficult to type with hooves.
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  4. I got flag for WTF? THIS IS BS!
  5. Lol :lol1:
  6. Nope you got warned for calling Jose a bitch ass troller in the wweforums merch thread.
  8. He's called me a bitch ass troller dozens of times, but Jose is off limits? lol


  9. It was for the multiple occurrences Dolph, this was just the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. Randy feel free to go, you've received a lot of slack with the rules and you know you have.
  10. It's obviously a hollow threat. He doesn't get attention from anyone else in the world outside of us.
  11. Ok so when I call someone "Bitch Ass Troll" I get a stroke but when call me the say think that don't get 1 ok?!

  12. Without us Randy is nothing and he knows it. He feeds of the attention we give him and he is like Dolph said. Unable to get it anywhere else.
  13. Lol @ get a stroke

    who's been giving savage handies?
  14. Randy once again I ask who has used the term bitch ass troller as often as you? The answer is no one, it's a simple warning to maintain a stronger grip over your language so it isn't used to cause offence to other members. It expires in a week, then it's gone.
  15. WATCH ME! And I can live without this site belive that PLAYER!

  16. 58 seconds through, as much as I love Savage, is truth..
  17. Does that make me HHH then R'Albin?
  18. Yep, you are currently burying Savage :bury:
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