Miley Cyrus

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]When did this happen? :mog:

    Last I remembered she was a pretty wholesome young lady.
  2. Dat Illuminati made her change her styles for a great effect on da yooth
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  3. :notsure: if Miley Cyrus or generic background rap girl
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  4. She look's like a lesbian. :hmm:
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  5. All the long beautiful hair :why: :WHYYYYYY:
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  6. Those Disney chicks all seem to end up being a bit slutty.

    Like Vanessa Hudgens :gusta:
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  7. Her face sucks. Otherwise pretty sexy.
  8. She looks disgusting now. She had to change her image due to her wanting to expand her audience no doubt. She can't keep appealing to the kids if she isn't one any more. She has always had that bitchy side anyway iirc. Constantly caught with weed and such, not the right image for an artist who's fan base revolves around 12 year olds females.
  9. Vanessa is so hot.
  10. Becoming a whore seems like it's the norm now and days when it comes to child celebrities growing up.
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  11. Is miley breaking her fathers
  12. Such a shame... She reduced herself to looking like something out of a 50 Cent music video. She had pretty hair & a wholesome cuteness to her...
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  13. This. Seems like being untouched & beautiful is for the 90's.
  14. She's been like this for a few years now. It's her life. Who are we to judge? I know I'm no saint, lmao. All she's done is probably had sex and weed, maybe a few other drugs. If she were one of us, I know she wouldn't be judged. Why should she be judged now? Celebrities are still people.

    She has a few videos of her twerking and she knows she's damn good at it.

    I still like her. She's definitely not a prude who'd judge me. I think she's still better than that damn Taylor Swift. Swift dates so many of these different men in a span of two years and no one insults and makes assumptions about her life. Miley has been with the same dude for years (assumingly) and she gets shit on way too much and for what? Because she likes to party and shake her booty? Oh, what a travesty! She should be hanged for this treason against humanity!
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  15. I agree, we shouldn't be judging her & I am guilty for judging people for doing different things than I do. And yes, celebrities are people too but sex + crazy is what is selling so that is what she is working with. She is following a trend. It becomes a shame when girls think being slutty is what it takes to be attractive. That is not Miley's fault, she is just doing her job. I would imagine if she wasn't dressing like she is, or doing crazy things, she would be over looked. Its all business. Its the fans that take things too seriously.
  16. "Her face sucks."

    Made me LOL... Death you so silly! So she is sexy... But only because of her body? :hmm:

  17. :obama:

    She also seems to have good taste which adds to the sexiness factor.
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  18. Nice post. People are to quick to judge and call out people's "flaws" before looking at their own. They also love putting the blame on others irrationally. "OH NO SHEZ SLUTTY THEREFOR MY 4 YEAR OLD WILL ALSO BE SLUTTY!"
    Even if she is blowing dudes every night and snorting coke 24/7, why do people care so much? It affects no one but her.
    Celebrity worship is retarded.
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  19. I swear, anytime I see a picture of her somewhere, she isn't wearing a bra... lol WAIT! That is probably another +1 for you hahaha