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  1. Pretty sure there was never a minecraft thread in this section.
    So I made one. Deal with it. :tough:

    Discuss anything Minecraft related here.
  2. I watch tons of Minecraft videos on Youtube.. only ever played the game a couple times and I suck at it. lol

    But I love the concept of the game and the amount of control Mojang allows the everyday user to have to be able to create different mods and game modes... I might just dust it off and log in to it again sometime soon lol
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  3. Minecraft is for nerds...

    (you should so buy me it btw)
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  4. I upload a lot of Minecraft videos, pretty fun.
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  5. I agreed before reading the small text... So I only 50% agree. :tough:
  6. Non-positive rep?:blackshock:


    Seriously though, send me 20$.
  7. Instead of throwing away your road kill meal's fur, recycle it and get $20 yo damn self! :angry: :mad2: :tough:
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  8. Thread reported for LQ.
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  9. I take credit for your addiction.
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  10. They took my money and I still can't download the game.:annoyed:
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  11. How come?

    I can link you to the DL, I'll PM the link
  12. It says that they're processing my order, it's been like that for a few hours. I haven't gotten the conformation email that you're supposed to get. I know they took my money though cause I checked my card balance after I bought it.
  13. Never touched this game once; however I have watched someone get addicted to it with relative ease. I've read some concept descriptions or whatever and on paper I can definitely see where the appeal is idk it just never did it personally for me to play it, if I can get it cheaply I might try it out at least. How time consuming is it?
  14. Learning the game is simple, but takes a while because of how much there is.
    Once you're playing, you get so into the game you forget how many hours pass.
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  15. Oh boy I worry about myself with those games lol sometimes I forget too much time has passed and forget to do the things I need to haha.
    What's the cost looking like for the PC version these days?
  16. $25 for you muricans. I got a server that people on here play on, if you join us we'll show you how it all works.
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  17. £17.99 / $30
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  18. Next question is, what kinda specs on my computer should I have in order to run the game "properly" enough?
  19. Intel HD graphics is fine. I can get 50fps on a 2nd gen mobile i3.
    What do you have?
  20. Easier one would be to post your specs and see if they're capable :obama:
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