Miniclip 8 Ball Pool

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    Miniclip 8 Ball Pool

    Challenge: Defeat me in a best of 5.

    Add me as a friend in-game or leave your name here.
    My name is gfxforums
    Let's do this.

    3-0 vs Jonathan
    3-1 vs Lacky
    4-0 vs Zach
  2. I'll think of something. Maybe some cash, or a new award if Crayo approves.


    Good games, Jonathan.
    Playing again shortly, need to eat.
  3. Man, I was too busy posting on the stupid drama on the RL picture thread and timed out like 3 times, handed you one game by time-outs :((

    Alright, just challenge me when you're back :emoji_slight_smile:)
  4. Prize:


  5. More like [​IMG]
  6. Anyone want a game?
  7. Name?
  8. Jonnyyl
  9. I'm back, challenge me.
  10. I've got to go. Good Games Solidus. :otunga:
  11. Alright, play again soon.
  12. Someone play me
  13. Playing now, awaiting a challenge.
  14. I'll play you, i just have to sign up


    Zachs826 is my name
  15. You're not online.
    Go to play friends, search 'gfxforums' and challenge me.
  16. Fuck that i was so close each time
  17. Close isn't good enough. :pity:
  18. I know baby, i know :lol1:
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