Minutes/Hours Of Wrestling On The Show Per Year

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. I'm not one who obsesses who such things, but if anyone is interested, this is something I came across:

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  2. Weren't like the first few years for one hour?
  3. This data is likely an indication of whomever has 'the ball' at that time.
    I enjoyed 2004 because Benoit and Guerrero had the ball at that particular time period.
    2004 featured many main events centered around high quality inside the ring.
  4. The sheer amount of research that had to have gone in to this is astonishing.
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  5. The period from 2005-2007 makes sense. I hated that period.
  6. 1999, hello Vince Russo. :dawg:
  7. It mentions that in the graph lol. It's under "Approx. Length Of Raw."

    Even though I like that someone took the time to do this, my first instinct when reading it was still "Hmm... someone needs a life." It's much like the guy who earlier this year took the time and energy to review every Wrestlemania match in history and then listed them in order from best to worst: http://www.buzzfeed.com/miketchin/ranking-every-wrestlemania-match-ever-ipcp

    Then again, there's no telling how many countless hours that I've spent over the years posting on message boards about wrestling that I'll never get back, so I guess I'm not one that should be throwing stones. :downer:
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  8. It's very relevant information. It gives a gauge on what a particular person's muse might truly be.
    Whichever period you disliked/liked in hindsight could very well be because that particular time period didn't focus in-ring.
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